15+ Video Marketing Trends for 2022

15+ Video Marketing Trends for 2022

Videos, videos, and more videos- they are everywhere, and marketers are all praises for them. And in 2022, they are all set to become more business-friendly. The customers of the present time watch videos for everything, from watching demonstrations and learning information to seeking pure, unfiltered entertainment.

When filmed on a professional level, videos have the power of sharing brand stories successfully. They are one meaningful way of connecting with the customers. Videos are undoubtedly the right mediums for business marketing in 2022.

Now, more and more businesses are sharing videos to advertise their products and services. They are also taking advantage of the fact that they can easily customize the motion picture advertisements to make them more engaging.

Let’s dive in and find out the video marketing trends businesses need to have their hands on this 2022:

1. Sequential Storytelling

Research indicates that video content in the form of a sequential story- with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion- performs better and helps in creating more effective advertisements. This is one trend that not only works on YouTube but even on other social media platforms. The trend works for both long and short videos.

2. Silent Videos Are Gaining Momentum

Silent, short videos are all the rage this season, considering that more and more people prefer watching videos on mute. Hence, businesses and marketers who will use context, captions, and other no-sound techniques for conveying information will be right on top in 2022.

3.  Social Media Is All about Videos Now!

One of the common reasons why more and more people are using social media platforms is for viewing videos. Video-first platforms are gaining huge popularity among the masses, with viewers expecting the advertisements they watch to match the format of the platform. There are signs indicating that the video-first trend on social media sites is here to stay.

4. User-Generated Content

User-generated content is everywhere, and it is highly popular on social media platforms. This 2022, businesses should engage in user-generated content because they look authentic.

5. Short-Form Video Demand is On the Rise

Besides TikTok, short-form videos made using the best online video editor are also popular on channels like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Short-length videos are good at conveying the intended message clearly and without any boredom. So, businesses should leverage the potential of these videos. And yes, some social media channels do not allow videos more than 15 seconds in length!

6. Vertical Videos Are Still Dominating

For as long as there are smartphones in the hands of the common people, vertical videos will reign. Snapchat and Instagram were the very first platforms to use vertical videos, and now with TikTok also finding its roots in the social media landscape, it can be expected that vertical videos will not lose their popularity.

7. Interactive Videos Are Reigning

Interactive videos are reigning, and there is one trend that is going super cool: giving users something to do once they have finished watching a video. Creating the best interactive videos involves the simple layering of different elements to keep users engaged.

8. Live Streaming Is In

Live streaming refers to anything filmed and broadcast in real-time. People these days are in love with live streaming because it gives them the feeling that they are being communicated with directly and most authentically. And yes, the perk of live streaming is you do not need to be perfect. So, take out the phone and go live!

9. Huge Popularity of Sectioned Video Formats

With the ever-increasing variety of devices, streaming platforms and social networks demand more varied content formats. This has made it crucial for the content creators and advertisers to section their specific video formats. Unless there’s any global standard for viewing videos adopted, segmented video advertising will continue being the prerequisite for top quality and successful video content marketing.

10. Long-Form Videos Are On the Rise

Businesses are creating shorter videos, but long-form videos have made their presence felt, and they are even growing in popularity. These days, people are getting used to watching such videos online, starting from interviews and social media footage to episodic visuals.

11. Training and Educational Content

From learning the right way of using a product to FAQs and online learning at universities, training and educational content have become one of the most popular varieties of videos. It will work for businesses to create such videos because the customers these days prefer watching visuals to learn more about different products and services.

12. More of Personal Interactions through Videos

In other words, personal interaction visuals have gained popularity, and credit for this goes to the recent pandemic. From recorded videos and styles that appear like live chats to originally scheduling chats, there is a lot of personal interaction expected using videos.

 13. Social Video Marketing Will Help Brands

Social video marketing is one of the most effective means for businesses to transfer information. And with viewers retaining the majority of the messages they get through videos, this is one trend that is here to stay. The key to gaining success in this realm is holding the attention of the viewers with top-quality videos.

14. Less Production

Blog-style quick action videos are in while the highly produced visuals are out. The rise of videos on YouTube and social media has completely changed production value for the viewers. Another good reason behind this trending technique is its adaptable, agile and fast nature.

15. Searchable Videos Have Taken Center Stage

It has become important for brands to create searchable videos because when Google finds videos, they show the prospects that there’s something valuable there. So the better information brands offer in their videos, the better they will appear when people look for video content in the search options.

16. Optimizing Videos for Different Platforms

Considering the huge popularity of different social media platforms, especially Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it will work for businesses to optimize their videos for varied social media platforms.

The Bottom Line

So, in 2022, it will be all the more important for businesses and brands to figure out how they will incorporate videos in their design and marketing plans. That’s because videos will be one of the most integral parts of businesses’ online marketing strategy even in 2022.

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