AI Drug Development in Need of Tremendous Amounts of Money

AI Drug Development in Need of Tremendous Amounts of Money
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Despite the fact that data enters in the drug industry, it is not a big deal to find that the data centre used is unable to resume critical results. However, the main importance of having a vast quantity of high-quality data is the computer’s intelligence to manipulate this data.

That is why simulation is very important. This is because simulation allows researchers to see the behaviour of a drug in the same way the drug could have behaved if taken in the real sense. Thus, eventually the scientists are able to determine the right dosage for the drug.

In a couple of years to come, fundamental changes in the traditional stages of drugs will be seen during the model development. This great improvement will result because of AI technology. However, it is to be noted that AI alone cannot accomplish all these model development and simulation without the use of other important combination. The combinations include electronic medical records, improved telemedicine and huge data supported by sensors.

Through the combination of sensors, apps for studying and local home-care nursing by private doctors will enable simulation to occur, as patients will participate in trials while they are at their respective homes without moving a muscle.

In addition to that, Cloud based AI is a cheaper alternative making it cost effective solution. However, some data have to be confidential due to the different ailments found in patients which if exposed could render the patient helpless making the matter to deteriorate.

Despite the fact that there are very significant obstacles to overcome, the idea of the development of faster drugs and high market value  for medicine make the modification of AI technology very lucrative for the stakeholders of pharmaceutical market.

It is evident that finally, brilliant ideas have big chances to be funded and in years to come, there is a high possibility for the manufacture of drugs that could improve patients’ lives within short periods. In addition to that, some critically ill patients may be restored back to their lives from their dying beds if technology and brilliant ideas are funded.