Mui’s wooden smart display is an elegant way to control your home

Mui’s wooden smart display is an elegant way to control your home
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One of the challenges with building smart home devices is making things that comfortably fit into peoples’ homes. Japanese organization Mui has come up with a seemingly elegant solution: a touch-sensitive, LED light display built into a piece of wood. Mui first launched its item on Kickstarter in October and met its objective, and today they’re appearing off at CES.

In light of the restricted demo they could appear here, it appears to be a really sharp item – it can give you an overview of various gadgets in your home including thermostats, lights and a Sonos One speaker. You can modify temperature, play and pause music, or turn various lights on and off straight from the Mui’s touch interface; swiping crosswise over it indicates cycles through various gadgets it can control.

Since it’s additionally a “smart display” (not by any means not at all like the Google Home Hub), it’s capable of displaying other data without needing to be hooked up to specific smart home gadgets. Mui says it can pull in weather information, messages, world time, etc. At the point when not being used, it’s truly only a clear section of wood, yet tapping it illuminates the “screen” to demonstrate what you’re searching for. What’s more, it additionally has Google Assistant inherent – and on the off chance that you don’t need it to respond out loud, it can show content reactions.

Mui says that its display will shipping to its Kickstarter backers by September of this current year – however as its campaign has officially shut, there’s as of now no other method to put in a request. Ideally that’ll change soon, as this appears one of the more rich approaches to integrate this sort of innovation into your home.