More individuals in Oregon hospitalized with the flu, says CDC

More individuals in Oregon hospitalized with the flu, says CDC
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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Concern about the flu has gone up essentially in Oregon.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared a week ago that 25 individuals were hospitalized in light of this season’s flu virus.

That marks from Dec. twentieth to Jan. fifth and is more than twofold the prior week which was at 12.

Oregon and Washington are still in the low action level while numerous different states are at the high classification.

The CDC said across the country up to 7.3 million individuals have been hit by flu so far this season.

This week, Providence hospitals announced restrictions on visits.

Providence is just permitting guests who are somewhere around 12-years of age to visit except if they’re visiting an immediate family member.

FOX 12 talked with Multnomah County Health Officials about the uptick in flu cases.

“Things have been sputtering for a couple weeks but late in late December things really picked up. We expect peak of the flu season to be later in month or Feb. which means now good time to get flu shot,” Paul Lewis with Multnomah County Health said.

The CDC said the flu is available in each state, thirty states have announced widespread flu action, including Washington.

That is up from 24 states the week before.

Despite all of this, CDC said the flu is having a milder season than last year.