Samsung reveals 219-inch TV called ‘The Wall’

Samsung reveals 219-inch TV called ‘The Wall’
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(CNN) – If you’re similar to numerous Americans, you probably wouldn’t mind with having a greater TV.

Samsung showed off a huge 219 inch TV – that is in excess of 18 feet – at the CES innovation appear in Las Vegas.

The TV is classified “the wall.” It utilizes an innovation called micro LED – which makes a more brilliant picture utilizing less vitality than current TVs.

For those of you who think a screen like this is more qualified to a stadium than a living room, a 75 inch modular version is also coming out.

You can either watch that independent from anyone else or purchase extra screens to snap together and make a greater one.

Sony, TCL, and Hi-sense are additionally showing TV’s 75 inches and bigger at the show.