Four T1 Tact Smart Watch Specs Important For People Thriving

Four T1 Tact Smart Watch Specs Important For People Thriving
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There’s an upswinging trend of attention being paid to tactical fashions and equipment in 2019.   Since the ‘light speed’ dominicance of the tact flashlight hit social media, people have been all-ears for the next life-improving tactical gear release.   The new ‘it’ fashion is here and it’s definitely a work of art. Branded the “T1 Tact Watch,” it’s a smart watch that’s made for successful people that are living the dream life, without hurting the pockets.  The greatest part of this new wristwear, the 6 specs that make it for people thriving in 2019.

#1 Digital Display, Day, Date, Time

If you’re a successful person, you know that there are two things most important in life, time and achieving goals.   It’s important you can quickly recognize the time and date at any given moment. Your schedule is worth its weight in gold.

The T1 Tact Watch has a masculine head piece.  Its’ diameter stretches a handsome 1.15 inches across according to the official watch brand website, making for an easy reading of the time.   Done in digital display on an LED screen, wearers can also see the day, month, and date in a quick glance.

#2 Old Fashioned Alarm and Stop Watch

It’s important you don’t miss appointments and rendezvous with clients, so the alarm feature on this watch can help any driven man thrive in 2019.  No person is perfect with making scheduled arrangements but a computerized smart watch, it can be perfect.

Considering your time is money when alive and thriving, sometimes you may want to put limits on how long you speak or hold a meeting.   Let your client or buddy know they have a time frame and then set your stop watch, 007 style. Give them 10 minutes to deliver their pitch ‘Shark Tank’ style, then make your decision on what to do next.   Time from your lifeline is the most important thing anyone can receive from you. If you do no value the old-fashioned stopwatch feature, you may want to re-analyze how well you are capitalizing off of your days, minutes, and seconds.  You can probably gain more from your day by appreciating this watch feature more.

#3 Remote Control for Smartphone and Tablet Cameras

Thriving in business comes with a price.  However, you should not sacrifice your love life nor family.   Men, women, and children heavily fancy photography in 2019 and you should be prepared to provide your family with this mini-thrill.  Be the ‘cool lover’ or ‘champion friend’ who gets the perfect photo for instagram or facebook every time. The T1 Tact gives wearers that social status with it’s remote control app.

This American brand of smartwatch has an application that connects via bluetooth to whichever smart device you’re using to take photos.    It then syncs with the phone or tablet, taking command of the ‘remote control’ feature. At the press of a button on your watch you can snap a picture, start a video recording, or set off the timer to begin the countdown until one of the aforementioned is activated.

#4  Health is wealth, Calorie Counter & Pedometer apps

Nothing is possible without having your health.   This tactical watch has some awesome aids to keeping you motivated in the gym, adventures, or on the playing field.    It has both a calorie counter and pedometer application, keeping you informed of your results from creative exercise.

The pedometer app shows a clear reading of how many steps you have taken  since it was turned on. It’s likely utilizing body movement and pulse vibrations to judge steps counted.  It gives an accurate or ‘close to perfect’ reading of how much your feet have been moving on your mission, helping add structure into your training.  This makes target goals easier.

In addition to the pedometer, there’s also the Calorie Counter application on the T1 Tact watch.   While it’s not clear how it keeps track of your burnings, it does have the supremely important feature which is a basic need of anyone committing to exercise and fitness.  This can help a user of the watch curve bad results of over eating or allow those wanting to gain weight, know when to stop.

Other Tactical Watch features…

There are a plethora of other features on this watch.  According to the official brand website, this smartwatch specs list includes over 10 add-on features which range from those we mentioned to being able to listen to music.   

Beyond the technology of the watch, the physical make of the military grade timepiece is just as thrilling.  It has a solid steel frame that prevents corrosion and water entry. The steel is coated in a black silicone-like material which is a lot more durable than what it seems. The T1 Tact Watch head is coated in a DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) material, which has hardness traits which are comparable to the diamond rock.  

Over the face of the digital display is not your typical ‘crystal glass.’   Instead it is an Asian rival to gorilla glass used as the dial protector, which has been tested and proven to withstand the shot of a .22 caliber gun.   This tactical watch can be dropped, kicked, drug, and shot, but will still function after.

See more details of the wristwear at the official brand website,