Comedian Elliot Passantino Crashes NJ Radio

Comedian Elliot Passantino Crashes NJ Radio
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One NJ Comedian Who Doesn’t Kow-Tow to P.C. Pressure

In this new era of polarized politics and hyper-sensitivity, when most comedians have backed off some of their best material due to outside pressures, it is refreshing to see comedian Elliot Passantino’s Devil-May-Care live show and watch his hysterical rap videos on YouTube.

Passantino hit the radio airwaves on 88.3 FM with host Joe Kane to tape his final show out of the Day’s Inn in Parsippany NJ.

Passantino gave Kane a run for his money as they talked all kinds of politics and the precarious state of modern life in NJ.

There is no question NJ has produced some legendary funny men.

I have to say my favorite comedians from Jersey include Bill Bellamy who was hot-as-a-cot in the heydays of MTV, and Mike Marino who is a true funny man that makes everyone laugh.

I also have added Elliot Passantino – another NJ guy – on my list of favorites, said Kane. ‘His nickname is ‘Uncle Dirty Raps,’ in reference to his rap songs that run counter-culture to the uptight vibes of the day and for that reason, are even funnier and much needed.”

The New Jersey comedian is an Anti-Trump`white rapper and comedian who also lectures on horror movies. But when asked if he voted for Trump he just smiles, said Kane.

“Passantino’s originality and his ability to rap some really funny songs on some difficult topics puts him up top these days,” said Kane. “With little to laugh about in NJ these days, it’s great to add some levity for our listeners with Elliot Passantino.”

I believe that you will find all three of these comedians are well worth the price of a ticket.

BIG NEWS: Thunder World Radio is jumping to Apple TV for a year. The juggernaut radio station is kicking off the NJ Big Show on March 16 to cover what’s hot and what’s not in and around the Garden State.