Footer Media suggests starter Website Optimization Techniques

Footer Media suggests starter Website Optimization Techniques
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We have already developed more than 200 sites since 2010 and more than 150 consultancies in optimization of sites throughout our trajectory and many and many sites at the top of Google. And now we have the pleasure of teaching courses for small and large companies, as well as having monthly companies that stand out in the market.

What is Website Optimization
Website optimization: All the techniques used to position a website in search engines, as well as site improvements in its speed, performance and usability, programming, content development, sharing and relevancy.

Why Optimize Sites
Appearing on Google among the first and selling more on the internet, as well as cheapening the value of the clicks spent on Google ADS, are also part of the optimization of sites. Therefore, this practice has become fundamental, and a very important position within each company (SEO). The SEO analyst takes care of the content and analysis of the website on the internet along with designer and programmer.

Website Optimization Techniques
First, to start site optimization, you need a domain, choose a, regardless of the name, but the quality of the site and its future content.

Develop at least 6 pages, with relevant content in each of them, holding the attention of the visitor in their texts of at least 5 minutes each.

Create connections between your content, directing the visitor to the next steps of reading and navigation, so that Google understands which keyword should rank within your pages.

The texts should be separated by topics related to the same subject, with the tags h1, h2, h3 and their descriptions, giving more emphasis and relevance to their content, and keeping the user until the end of the reading, to the point that he has the pleasure to share your posts.

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