Good practices on Instagram: Use and Succeed with followers!

Good practices on Instagram: Use and Succeed with followers!
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If your intention is to succeed with followers on Instagram, know that on social networks, some things are similar to real life.

If in real life a selfish, egocentric, boring person probably has a bit of relationship difficulty, is not it?

Understand that in social networks things are not different.

We have to report that excessive advertising, similar photos, just your face and post photos that speak only to you or your business may not be so interesting to other people!

So if you want to be successful with followers on Instagram, seek out what they expect of you or your brand.

Which audience do you want to reach? Who is the person you want to have your Instagram and what would she like to see?

Once you discover this, now let’s go to “good practices” so that you will succeed with your followers. And, increase the reach of your Instagram account! See below.

Empathize to succeed with your followers!

If you are a company or a brand in the Instagram profile, there is no use staying posting promotions and things that interest you and not your Instagram followers!

Instagram is a network to relate to, to see beautiful images and to follow interesting subjects.

So if you have business or service profile, think about attracting is to keep your followers and not sell the whole time!

The same goes for influencers. Staying posting photos of yourself and talking only about yourself, ends up getting annoying to the follower.

Try to pass information, knowledge of your niche, get close to your follower and respond it. Worry about the other wants to see!

Attract and conquer your followers!

To attract and win your followers we have to do what we call digital marketing to educate followers.

Educating the followers means informing is guiding them about your niche acting!

But when we talk about informing, it is not to inform the price or what you sell! It is for you to provide quality content so that they have access to good information.

This quality information should be to clarify the main doubts of its followers, bring news, show more about the market in general among other things.

Creativity is what will guide your production of content and posts. If you provide your follower with valuable information, he will follow and interact with you.

And when you post an advertisement, or a sponsor partnership, it will have more visibility and acceptance!

It does not have to be exactly like Marketing, but the rule used is 80/20. That means 80% of the time you put interesting content in 20% of the time you post sales content or partnerships.

Create a relationship to succeed with followers!

A fundamental thing in Instagram, especially after the algorithm change, is relationships as followers.

If you want your profile to receive comments, tastings, reposting and any kind of interaction, then you should start doing the same! If your followers comment, enjoy, follow, try to reply the comments is thank you too.

The relationship on Instagram is key to inspiring followers to show that you have an interaction.

Because despite the growth of Instagram, it is still a social network made for people to relate. What’s more, by changing Instagram algorithms, your posts tend to appear more in people’s feed interacting with your content and with which you relate.

That means if you do not like to comment on follower content, your posts may appear less in your followers feed. So change your strategy to succeed with followers.

Be polite and cordial as followers!

I know controversial subjects in comments and tanned, but only do this if you are emotional structure to discuss the matter without losing education.

Be aware that the more your Instagram has followers and more success you do, the more patience, respect and warmth you will have to have!

This is because many people will express the opinion on your profile in some times it may not please and you will have to know how to handle it.

It is also essential to respond in a pleasant way and have interaction with your comprar seguidores, either in the comments in the directs or responses of your Stories.

A stupid coarse person will end up losing followers or succeeding for a short time.

Respond with education and when followers are very rude you prefer the option to block from what smears your image in the social network.

Avoid unnecessary problems!

As we talked about above, the polemics are great for visibility interactions. But it’s important that you know where you’re getting into!

That’s because Instagram has an option called “reporting.” And when you are reported on Instagram, you look like a “yellow light” in your account. In short: Instagram keeps an eye on you!

Any other complaint or action deemed inappropriate by the platform, your account may be suspended and without notice. So avoid unnecessary situations where you may be reported by other users.

No “steal” posts!

And our last tip for you is if you want to remail another user’s content, give the post and photo credits!

Imagine the problem of taking another person’s photo and using it without asking for a photo recently. Some famous profiles in Brazil have been suspended for Instagram and have been out of the air for months. To get their profiles back, users have had to wage a legal battle and adjust to Instagram rules.

For that there is no doubt the profiles were removed from the air because of photos that were not authored by the account owners and had an image right.

So if you refill Stories, photos or videos, watch out for the image and the caption that is a report.

Some tools even offer the option to immediately flag the owner of the post. In last case if the person is accessible ask to republish her post!

Now that you know that to succeed as followers on Instagram just continue with the good education and warmth you already have, it became easier, right?

Comment below if you interact with other followers and even followers of your Instagram. We want you to tell us in the comments how you do it!

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