Whatsapp group Golden Rules

Whatsapp group Golden Rules
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How many of you know about whatsapp, I am explaining for those who not know about whatsapp. A whatsapp is a cloud host instant message application where we can send or receive the message. The connection of sender and user is secure through a peer to peer protocol. The whatsapp secured all your data. It is the reason users are increasing day by day. Whatsapp is a free application which is liked by the people. Whatsapp is also simple and easy to use application; any beginner can easily understand how to use whatsapp on their smartphone.

There are several features on whatsapp which are unique and are available for free on WhatsApp for their users. Today on this post we are posting some Golden Rules of whatsapp group.

What are whatsapp group

A whatsapp group is a place where many users come together and connect to make a group communication or to share data among many users whatsapp groups used. Whatsapp group is simple to use, and in a single group, up to 256 members can add. Every file format can shared on whatsapp. A user can send text, picture, videos, gif, pdf and other file formats on whatsapp.

If you are are a user who wants to know more about whatsapp group join linkand wants to make a successful whatsapp group then you are at a right place today we share Golden rules of whatsapp group.

Golden Rules of whatsapp group

1.          Never share an irrelevant message or unusual post on the group

2.          Do not spam the group with the old post many times, and this decrease the attraction of group members from the group

3.          Share the post for which purpose the group created.

4.          Never personally msg user to not to leave. Many people don’t take interest from the information or post that you shared.

5.          Always reply group members politely so that they like to ask frankly on the group.

6.          Always post in a single sentence, if you send line by line it reduces the positiveness of users.

7.          Do not reply to each member if necessary text them in private message.

8.          Post in day hours which is 8:00 to 21:00, people don’t like to receive a message at night.

9.          If any question raised in the group don’t write I don’t know, always wait may be other member know it.

10.     Don’t send thank you to all group members, you can do it in one time, or you can send them in private chat.

11.     Never make any negative comment, for any community or a member.

12.     Don’t add people randomly, and their leaving will show a negative impression to other group members.

13.     Always add people who show their interest in the group.

14.     When the purpose of the group is over its better to delete it.

15.     If any debate starts on whatsapp group you can mute it, (never mute if it is for any emergency rescue group) by muting you receive the message but your notification stops.

16.     Always give your best toward question ask by another member it makes you popular among the group.

17.     Ask yourself if you to join the group if yes only then connect with it.


These are some golden rules of whatsapp group. Managing a whatsapp groupis not an easy task you have to do a lot of things only the other members like the group. All the information of whatsapp and whatsapp group shared on the post. If you want to know something more than making your query in the comment box below, I will look for the best solution and then reply to every comment.