6 Apps Every WhatsApp User Should Probably Have

6 Apps Every WhatsApp User Should Probably Have
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WhatsApp is the favourite instant messaging app of 1.5 billion people in 180 countries worldwide. People loved to use Whatsapp for Its attractive and exciting features. It always comes with new features. You can’t believe but whatsapp have more users than Facebook messenger. Now it is the top most ranked messaging app in the world. Smartphone means whatsapp is installed there. For better communication, security, privacy and new features whatsapp is best. You can’t compare the whatsapp appwith any other social networking app. If you are not feeling whatsapp features are enough to make comfortable chatting you can take the help of other app. Here it is 6 Apps Every WhatsApp User Should Probably Have. 

For exchanging your thoughts and feelings through different media like texts, image, video, audio, files, documents, location whatsapp is updated. Sometimes you try to have more fun and more secure in whatsapp. So you take the help 6 more exciting app. These app will give you full entertainment and another experience. You can easily record your video or audio call in whatsapp. For this you have to install another app. In the following i am going to post you top 6 app for your whatsapp account. Let’s have it. If you are a whatsapp user you should install all the app. 

#1) Voice Call Recording App:-

You make voice calls to your friends and someone special. You want to save that memorable talking in your mobile. But whatsapp doesn’t allow to record your conversation. But now you can download the Cube ACR app which allows you to record your whatsapp call automatically. 

#2) Screen Recorder :-

Video call is an interesting feature in whatsapp. People loves to talk in video call. It gives a beautiful experience. You can see someone live on it. Do you love to make whatsapp videos call? I know you want to capture that special moments in recording to make it memorable. It is possible if you install a new app to your mobile. This app is Screen Recorder. Through the help of Screen Recorder app you can record your video call in whatsapp.

#3) SKEDit Scheduler:-

Sometimes you need to send your messages in a specific time. But you are busy with your work. You can’t send that message in time. But now you can do it. With SKEDIT Scheduler you can send your message in schedule time which will send your message later in whatsapp. You don’t need to worry for that. Just schedule your message to your friends personally or any whatsapp group. Automatically it will be done. 

#4) Notisave:-

Do you want to read the deleted messages from whatsapp? It always creates curiosity when someone deleted messages in chatting. It is possible in Notisave app. You can read all messages that already erased. If you want to read messages without two blue ticks mark this app will help you. Just go to playstore and download Notisave. 

#5) App Lock :-

WhatsApp is a messaging app where people do private chatting. They don’t want to share this with third party. You can do it having an app lock. For security and privacy you need to install App lock for whatsapp. This app will help you to protect your whatsapp by setting a password. So go for App lock. 

#6) Whatsapp Status Downloader :-

Status is the new features introduced in whatsapp. People loved to share their feelings through a video, audio, stickers or texts. You loved your friend’s cool status and you want to save that. But there is no any facility to download whatsapp status. You can take the help of Android app Status Downloader. You can see all friends’ status there and download these. 

For Whatsapp users this post was really amazing. You should take all the advantages of whatsapp to make your chatting more interesting and innovative. You should download those 6 Apps for conducting your whatsapp better. I hope you will install those apps for your whatsapp. Thanks for reading the post 6 Apps Every Whatsapp User Should Probably Have.