Fitness Model Firat Zan With 1.3 Million Facebook Fanbase Inspires Men And Women To Live Their Best

Fitness Model Firat Zan With 1.3 Million Facebook Fanbase Inspires Men And Women To Live Their Best
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Firat Zan is a social media influencer whose Facebook pages ”Firat Zan” has touched the fanbase of 1.2+ Million active users on social media in past few years, currently he is working in the digital influence.

In recent years, the 28-year-old fitness model and athlete have been giving a mark in the fitness industry, inspiring every man and woman out there to be all that they can be.

Firat has currently 1.3 million followers on his facebook page named ”Firat Zan”

Firat Zan Born on October 02, 1990 , he Is a Fitness Model, Fitness Trainer, and Athlete Who Is Best Known For His astonishing training motivation and wonderful obscenephotos of his ripped physique. Firat Zan lately answered some questions about living healthy with all its challenges that come with it.

Firat Zan

Living your best life. You likely heard the word before–folks encouraging themselves and others to be the best versions they can be.

But it’s simpiler said than done.

Firat Zan a fitness model and athlete who at his heaviest weighed more than 230 pounds (104kg), is the living embodiment of living his best life–or at least his version of it.

“I’m going to be 30 in two years,” Firat said. “I’m just trying to keep up with everybody else.”

At 160 pounds, Firat said he didn’t want to be skinny anymore. “I just said, ‘All right, I need to get my body back.’ But it was more than just my body–I needed to get me back.”

That’s when Firat said he found his outlet in the gym. He said it’s the only place where he had complete control over his stressful life as a poor athlete.

You gotta find time to sleep, work and so on,” Firat explained. “And then your grandma gets sick–so the gym and how I take care of myself and what I eat and all of that–was all in my control.”

Firat soon became a full fledged athlete. “[I] saw a guy in the gym with huge arms, and I was like “I want my arms to look like that.”

He didn’t let anything get in the way of living what he felt was his best and healthiest life. He put in the work and stayed consistent spreading fitness motivation and landing a career as a personal trainer .

 He’s also a social media influencer, encouraging thousands of people, not only here in his country but all around the world, to live their version of their best life.

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