OnePlus 7 Pro: Top OxygenOS highlights of the most recent flagship phone

OnePlus 7 Pro: Top OxygenOS highlights of the most recent flagship phone
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OxygenOS which powers OnePlus phones has kept on advancing with an attention on making the interface slicker and clutter-free. With pure Android becoming quite very well known among modern phones, OxygenOS is among the better custom ROMs.

With OnePlus 7 series launch, OnePlus has included a bunch of new custom highlights in OxygenOS. Some of them have particularly intended for Indian clients. Let’s should investigate the top software highlights of OnePlus 7 Pro’s OxygenOS (version 9.5.3 dependent on Android Pie).

Fnatic Mode

One of the top highlights of OnePlus 7 Pro is fnatic mode. Can be basically comprehended as ‘gaming mode’, fnatic mode ensures continuous smooth experience on the phone when playing games. The mode enables people to block all notifications and calls, with the exception of low battery notification, alarm and timer. The mode additionally gives review of missed calls in the call history.

With the fnatic mode on, people can improve OnePlus 7 Pro’s handling capacity to channelize all the core powers towards game play. OnePlus alerts clients that the mode could prompt glitches in some applications. In case people are utilizing dual SIM, note that the fnatic mode organizes signal quality from the main SIM card to avert low inactivity game play. The secondary SIM in this mode gets disabled.

Zen Mode

Zen Mode is OnePlus’ own interpretation of Google’s Digital Wellbeing initiative. The feature automatically detects high screen time usage and alerts clients to take a break from the phone. With this mode activate, clients can just answer calls and take photographs. The zen mode remains enacted for about 20 minutes.

Screen Recorder and screenshot editor

A standout amongst the most anticipated highlights, OnePlus 7 series at long last brings the native Screen Recorder feature. As the name recommends, people can record their screen and even offer it with their companions.

OnePlus has likewise included screenshot editor which enables them to edit screenshots. The editing tools are not the same as common photograph editors. For example, people can blur certain section or doodle on the photo.

Caller Identification

In an offer to enable clients to dispose of spam calls and messages, OnePlus has included caller identification in the OxygenOS. The feature, like Truecaller, gives people a chance to distinguish spam calls and block them.