8 Best Blogging Steps to Improve Your Site Visibility

8 Best Blogging Steps to Improve Your Site Visibility
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Almost every website has a blog. However, there are only a few organizations who totally realize the importance of blog content to SEO results. The blog is the most important to increase the chances of high ranking in the search engines. Here we will discuss some of the most useful steps to help you, or your website developer, to get your website more visibility in search engines.

1. A Compelling Name

Whenever you visit a company’s website, usually they name their blog section as “blog” This is something that does not sound creative and descriptive. The blog name is also important to optimization. You must consider:

  • The theme of your blog
  • Compelling description
  • Seo keywords in the blog title
  • Your targeting audience

An engaging theme and descriptive title could bring a lot of organic traffic. If you are unable to put keywords in your blog title, then try to put them in the title page of the blog.

2. Specify each post according to audience

Each of your posts should be targeted to a specific group of your audience this is very helpful as creating content specific to its audience is much liable to optimization.

3. Effective URL

An effective URL is very is very important. Many companies do not include blog URL syntax and keep the blog on the main page of the website domain. This affects badly overall progress and blog analytics. Similarly, many marketers include each and every word in their post title URL. This makes these URLs hard to read. So make your blog URL descriptive and short.

4. Improve Continuously

You should keep on optimizing your blog content to make its SEO better. Here are some optimization techniques to follow;

  • Add internal links
  • Optimization images
  • Interlink the posts
  • Keep on reviewing meta description and title tags

5. Fill content gaps

Blogs are an easy way to fill the gap between them so. So do go for the option of blogs for your website.

6. Put optimized images & Video

Images are very useful in creating a good visitor engagement. They add SEO value. To add images to your blog and put descriptive alt tags. Videos are also the most cherished on blog posts. They keep user engaged and the marketers grab this opportunity to educate their customers.

7. Markup

A structured markup data added to your HTML is very helpful in providing information about a page and its content. It also improves your represented page. Schema markup is best to add to your post to ensure optimized links

8. Share on Social media

Sharing your blog posts to social media could be very beneficial as;

  • It keeps your social media sites updated
  • Keeps your audience engaged
  • Improves SEO
  • Increase referral links

Always share your blog posts to social media. A brief summary or an excerpt from the post would be enough. Also, add relevant keywords for your targeted audience as it would be very helpful in ranking