Google is testing a global video play/pause button for Chrome

Google is testing a global video play/pause button for Chrome
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Google could soon add a button to its Chrome browser that would make it conceivable to pause or play video from any tab. A recent release of Chrome’s Canary advancement rendition has a new feature called Global Media Controls, as observed by Techdows, ZDNet and others. Once enabled, a play icon will show up by the URL (beside the bookmark star) in the event that people have a video playing in any tab. By clicking on it, a bigger control pops up that gives people a chance to pause, play, or skip forward/backward without actually going to the video itself.

The feature could be especially handy for stopping any irritating auto-play videos or controlling a YouTube video in the event that people change to another tab. It would likewise be a much needed development, considering Google recently removed the capacity to mute tabs by tapping on the speaker icon, however they can in any case right-click on a tab to permanently mute a site. Global Media Controls are increasingly adaptable, however, especially for rabid YouTube watchers, and people won’t have to chase down any offending auto-play tabs.

Subsequent to playing with the feature for a brief span, found that it could control both audio and video, yet not on all sites (it didn’t work with Engadget, for example). What’s more, the feature was amazingly buggy, pretty much constantly when endeavored to utilize it.

In any case, it’s still in early testing, and if Google decides to prepare it into the main browser, it will no uncertainty work flawlessly.