Minimize Your Online Dating Risk with the Help of Video Validate

Minimize Your Online Dating Risk with the Help of Video Validate
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Fifteen years ago, online dating was a taboo topic. But today online dating has become mainstream already. Gary Vaynerchuk famously said, “Internet dating is the best way to meet someone these days, if not the only way.” Having said that, catfishing is real on the Internet and it is usually employed for romance scams online. It is reported that even celebrities such as Chris Andersen, Ray Allen and Manti Te’o have been targeted.

  • The solution: using Video Validate on a dating website. Let’s say you’ve met someone that you like on a dating site and you are interested in meeting this individual in person. Yet there is one more step that you can take to make sure he/she is representing himself/herself – you can send this member a ‘Video Validation’ request by clicking on the Vv icon on that member’s dating profile (if it’s available on the dating website). Alternatively, you can send a request directly through the Vv website. ( Then Vv will send a text message or an email to that member. Please note that all data is anonymous, which means the Vv email or text message only includes instructions and a ‘reply’ button for creating an ‘introduce yourself’ video which is date and time stamped. After that, the message will return back to the requesting party via an anonymous email. Vv recognizes and accesses the camera on the device after that member clicks on the ‘reply’ button.
  • Why Video Validate works: You don’t need to download an app. All you need to do is to send a request. After the video is viewed, it will be deleted automatically within 2 hours. No video or data is stored. Most importantly, Vv will identify the person’s city and state location without identifying the exact location. In this way, if a catfisher says they are in Los Angeles, you’ll see they are actually in Birmingham, Alabama because the real location is generated by their cell phone or the IP address of their computer.
  • Yes, it’s convenient. The person preparing the video can take as many videos as they want before replying with the video they prefer, and the requesting party receives an email with the Vv video link & the location information while viewing the video. Note that an individual has 24 hours to respond after receiving a Vv request. Otherwise, the request is obviously rejected; therefore, the requesting party already has the answer – that’s a catfisher who is unwilling to use Video Validate to prove who they really are. Better still, you don’t need to register to use Vv and it’s FREE. As a result, Vv is trusted and used by mainstream dating site members all over the world.

Because of Video Validate, online dating has become a safe space. Now you have a tool to protect yourself and alleviate the anxiety caused by meeting strangers on the Internet. Your love life is the most important part of your life, so it’s definitely worth one click via Vv.