Buy your Event Tickets early and cheaper with Presale Codes and Passwords

Buy your Event Tickets early and cheaper with Presale Codes and Passwords
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Presale passwords are used at Live Nation and Ticketmaster allowing spectators to order tickets for events before they can be accessed by the general public. Presale tickets are offered to members of the newsletter, members of the fanclub and also sometimes other groups such as users of Spotify.

Several presale passcodes will only work for those who have access to a specified credit card such as an American Express, in these cases presale codes will only function for folks owning an Amex, so they can get hold of the tickets. 

CITI does this as well and provides cards which are usable in a presale to buy tickets if you have the correct kind of credit card (ie a CITI one).

The whole reason for presale is to obtain tickets. You have to have a password to shop for event tickets in a presale. There are a few great places to get yourself a code for the presale which your are presently interested in.

The very best resources that we have identified so far for presale passwords are

Presale.Codes ,

WiseGuys Presale Passwords

They’ve been posting presale password information for many years – they can help you buy tickets early and they offer a full money back guarantee.

Often folks ask questions such as “How many tickets are left for the public after all the presales are concluded?” or “Exactly how many tickets are typically in a presale?”

The music business does not publicly broadcast precisely how many of the tickets are going to be offered to American Express or CITI cardholders. After Facebook and Twitter offers cater for a few thousand, the venue email newsletter eats up thousands more. The band has a fan club and these members grab the great seats up front – if the band doesn’t sell them to brokers directly for some easy cash.

After all that – there’s not many tickets remaining.

As little as ten percent of tickets for a concert are offered to the public.

Why are the general public offered such a low percentage of tickets during the on-sale?

In accordance with study that we’ve done there seems to be many aspects which have an impact on why event promoters allocate tickets in this way: Increasing their net profit is doubtless high on the list. Folks have to earn cash, and promoters are certainly no different.

Bands might cry about “it’s all about the music” however you never hear them whining when they hit the road to jam-packed stadiums and million dollar pay days.

The following articles go into great depth about the underhanded working practices of the concert industry. Without making use of a presale to obtain your gig tickets your prospects of buying a ticket are pretty slim.

So, exactly what is the moral of the story so far: Public Sales are beaten hands down by Presales

To have the optimum prospects for getting gig tickets, never sit around waiting for the public tickets to be sold. Make certain you get your tickets early on and be grateful you have actually got a seat to see the show. If you really want to use an even better technique, you could possibly invest in tickets during the presale, attempt to procure some more in the public sale and IF you’re able to sell the others, you can make a little profit for yourself.

With demand for seats rising and prices shooting ever higher you will be glad to get through the doors of a concert nowadays and if you can subsidise the price of your concert tickets by just turning into a ticket reseller in your own right, power to you!

Just how many tickets are included in the pre-sales?

Ninety percent of Justin Bieber’s gig tickets were allocated to specified credit card holders, fan club members, insiders and presales.

An feature in the New York Post reported:

Faithful fans that were shut out of One Direction’s sold-out concert at the Izod Center in New Jersey were extremely dissatisfied – shattered even.

Even before the concert tickets went on sale to the public, only a small portion of the 13,687 seats – only 4,474 (32%) were offered to the everyday One Direction fans. Most had long been allocated to friends of the band, insiders, fan club and presales.

Whilst the ordinary fans are left in the dark regarding how tickets are allocated (can you see why?), nearly all of the event tickets are offered to record labels, the artists, tour sponsors, talent agencies and fan club members, according to the Washington DC based coalition Fan Freedom Project, backed by Stubhub, the the online ticket exchange company.

No seat tickets left for the average fans during public on-sale.

In yet another example from the early part of 2011, a tour was organized for LCD Sound System. Now, when a popular band such as this goes on tour or stages a residency, promoters such as Live Nation or Bowery Presents handle them.

The promoter will help to figure out the locations where they’ll hold gigs, and more significantly, how the seats will be priced and distributed, generally via allotments (hold) for music industry insiders and presale packages for companies like CITI Financial and Amex.

A significant percentage of concert tickets are sold this way, and usually merely forty six percent of tickets are left for the public at large.

People get resentful once they find out just how few tickets remain for the wider public.

So, just what becomes of the remainder of the pre-sale concert tickets?

The venue ie Madison Square Garden or Red Rocks Ampitheatre or whatever, gets a piece of the fees added onto ticket sales, whilst the ticket distributors – Ticketfly, Axa or Ticketmaster – serve as the foremost market, making their income via service charges and convenience charges for some $25 billion yearly.

These principal ticket distribution merchants often permit, and even encourage, their purchasers to re-sell seat tickets, typically on their own websites. What this means is that the company makes a profit each time. Double-dipping wouldn’t you say? Could be, it depends on who you put the question to.

It is the music industry insiders who cause most of the issues by securing access to heaps of tickets below or at the face value and who sell on those tickets on sites like Ticketmaster.

If you’re hunting for event tickets currently, good luck to you, please remember, if you can, acquire your event tickets early on using Presale.Codes and WiseGuys Presale Passwords