The Face of Refurbished Apple Refurbished Industry – Jay Kim

The Face of Refurbished Apple Refurbished Industry – Jay Kim
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The refurbished industry is functioning in the market since a long time, But Jay Kim is the name which has remodeled the entire working of the industry through his innovative ideas. Jay has always been in remodeling things to make them useful for the people who live their life in budget. So, to know more about Jay and his future plans we got an exclusive interview with the man itself.

Let’s get the basics out first,

Question: So, Jay what made you enter into the refurbishing industry?

There is never one reason to do anything, in my case the fact remains true. Wish to have luxury tech gadgets, the high cost of gadgets, being an entrepreneur, doing something new, earn high profits, hobby of making something new from something old, pick any. When I first stepped in to the market as businessman then my product and idea was completely different. However, I saw an opportunity to get success and was not able to say no. Refurbishing industry is a misunderstood industry. But I did understand the charm and here I am.

Question: Why Apple products to be precise?

Why not Apple? Apple has been a leader of the market in terms of quality, prices as well as demand. We thought of matching that demand in our own way. We wanted to be there where the maximum demand is.

The fact that apple products are quite costly is not hidden from anyone. And they are the best in the market too. So, I thought to start with something which everybody wishes to have but can’t because of their financial situation. Now we are dipping into refurbishing other famous brand’s gadgets too. 

Question: What is the next step for you as a businessman?

So, you see the work and life of a business man never stops. There always something more to achieve, some new goals to acquire and what not. So, if you ask what the big next step is, well I don’t know, or may be the step is still a secret for the market. Who knows? You will know when it is out there. 

So, can we expect an announcement soon?

May be!! You have to wait though

Question: Did you ever thought that you will reach the top of the ladder when you first started the company?

I sure dreamed about it. Everyone likes to be realistic, and I am. However, when you start your venture failure is the option which is never available. When I first had the idea about starting the business I had completely different goals. Then I entered into refurbishing industry and I thought I will change the face of the industry and will take it to new heights. It feels good that I was able to fulfill my dream and make it into a reality. Well about the ladder, I don’t know where I am, but it is definitely a good place to be.

Too many heavy questions!

Question: So, when did the last time you had a “Me Time”, you know?

I work long hours, but I make sure to take out time for my family, my kids and me as well. Well, my family time is like a me time for me. I love spending time with my loved ones. If you ask me the last time, I did that, well my answer will be this morning. It is always my day starter and a goodnight story. reading books is also a part of my personal time, although I always read few pages here and there, but it sure counts right.

It totally does!!

Question: Any advice for the young entrepreneurs?

Everyone is different and their way of doing and executing the ideas as well. I always say my Motto is “Never Quit”. However, I want to share that I say that after knowing my abilities and flaws. I know how much I can do and how much I can bear. So, to all those who wish to be entrepreneurs I just want to say that understand your strengths and weaknesses, accept both and then decide the goals. Carve your own path, there is no joy in walking on the path carved by someone else at least in business. 

If you make your own way, then the chances of it going way is far lesser than walking on the one which is there from a long time.

Question: What is the next Benchmark you wish to achieve?

Well, we are planning expansion to other countries in the very near future. The word is barely out that we are thinking of expanding to Canada, Europe as well as Australia market. We are thinking of entering these markets through both Amazon as well as direct selling from jemjem. Apart from this we are shifting to a bigger warehousing space with 22000 sq. ft. area in Irvine, CA. With the increase in demand we need more space to execute the process. The best part is we shifted in the older space just a year back for similar reasons.