CBC Ottawa – CBCOttawa Latest Breaking News & Radio 1

CBC Ottawa – CBCOttawa Latest Breaking News & Radio 1
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In this post, we’re going to talk all about news and radio, but not the way you think. We’re actually going to talk about one particular broadcasting group, which is the “Mother Corp” of broadcasting in all of Canada, and one of the biggest corporations that are still going strong today. Why do they call it that? Well, because it is the primary distributor of all things news and radio, and many of the channels that are even playing on television for Ottawa today.

CBC Radio One, Two, Three

While there is no actual CBC Radio Three, there is a platform known as CBC Radio 2, which eventually switched the name to become CBC Music. Everyone loves music, and this broadcaster doesn’t let you down. Not only that, but many people still love talk radio and news radio, which they can still access on CBC Radio One stations (which have been around for a long time, and now still has podcasts available to listen to online). Their CBC Music station actually started out as a classical station, and now they play literally just about all different genres and operate on more than one station via satellite feed.

Is the Canadian Broadcasting Just for Radio?

You may be surprised to know that television has brought on many different changes with technology, primarily with news, and informational stations such as sports, and other entertainment genres. Of course, you only get Canadian shows for the most part, as well as specialized seasonal performances of the Olympics. However, there are some very popular news shows on during the day, and CBC TV is one of the largest shareholders in many shows themselves.

Streaming Competition

To join the fray and fight against competitors like Netflix, and the American-based broadcasting agencies such as ABC, Fox, and NBC (all of which have online on-demand memberships available on their station websites), CBC Television also created their own online version of On-Demand membership for those who want to stream television shows, news, and much more. They also have a children’s segment that rivals in the area that allows public broadcasting of children’s shows and educational shows for kids. 

In 2005, about the time that many of the stations worldwide started getting popular results with HD and digital playback, they also became a primarily digital channel. They are still available on VHF and regular RF connections, but they still operate on a HD system and are able to broadcast on more than 13 stations that are in various areas.

The Online Store

They released the CBC Shop area of their website that helps you find their accessories and apparel, from coffee mugs to socks, and they’re available at numerous retailers (that they have affiliate links to) and custom creators of clothing (like those that are television series-based). 


CBC is one of the nation’s oldest Crown Companies in all of Canada. This means that they are one of the oldest government regulated and controlled broadcasting networks, and they are still the nation’s most watched station, with millions of viewers at any given time on the various platforms they are available on.