Truth About Your Vegan Biodegradable Toothbrush

Truth About Your Vegan Biodegradable Toothbrush
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There really no toothbrushes that can be described as being perfect. Although some toothbrushes are close to perfect, none is. But certain brushes are more flawed than others. Even worse is the fact that some toothbrushes are not actually what they say they are. Contained in this article are some truths about your biodegradable toothbrush which are worth knowing.

Charcoal augmented bamboo bristles

There are some bamboo brushes that have texts on their packs which claim they have bristles made from bamboos that are charcoal augmented. Also, this text claims they are biodegradable. While these claims are popular and these brushes are already in the market, it is best to disbelieve them until they have been proven to be true.

 Absolutely Compostable and Animal-Based

At the moment, there is just one toothbrush that is absolutely compostable. And this toothbrush’s brittles are gotten from pig hair and its handles from harvested wood. The pig hair that is used in making the bristles of this brush is one of the by-products of the meat industry in China. This toothbrush might not be ideal for people with a vegan lifestyle. It, however, is good for anyone that is comfortable feeding on meet.

Bristles made from Bamboo

There are firms that claim to use bamboo in making bristles. This claims might be widespread. But, they are not usually true.  There are instances where firms into the manufacture of brushes are not absolutely sure of the materials of the bristles that were used in making their brush. To ensure that you do not fall prey of such ignorance, you might need to make some personal research.


There are claims by lots of companies that manufacture toothbrushes the bristles of the toothbrushes they manufacture are gotten from Nylon-4. Nylon-4 is a plastic that has been proven to be biodegradable in the lab. This, of course, happens under the right conditions. While this is absolutely true, the conditions in the lab, as well as the conditions in real life are a lot different. As it stands, none of these firms has made available any third-party proof of the fact that their brushes are actually biodegradable under real-life conditions. That’s not all. There are also questions about the number of brushes that are actually made from Nylon-4.

Although a lot of firms into the manufacture of brushes claim that the brushes they manufacture have bristles made from Nylon-4, a lot of these bristles are actually made from Nylon-6. 


It is not a very good thing that it is difficult to believe claims that come with product labels. It is also unfortunate that ordinary people might need to carry out tests before the truth gets discovered. The truth is, if firms fail to carefully monitor the operations involved in manufacturing their products overseas and do not carry out important tests, they will be unaware of the materials contained by their own products. This is absolutely regardless of what information manufacturers give to them.