Make your own website with

Make your own website with
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Many years ago, to get a website done, it was very tedious. Firstly you need to hire a webmaster, meet up, draft out a plan and view work samples. Hiring a webmaster that could do the job properly takes days, some even weeks. Then you would need to think about web hosting and spend another few weeks just to learn their complicated control panel. We haven’t even mentioned hiring a photographer, graphic designer and content editor. All these end up costing thousands of dollars and months to finish.

Glad the old days are gone! Now you can make your own website with is by far the fastest way to get your website online. And it only takes 7 minutes. Their step by step online web builder is by far the most efficient way to make a website. All you ever need to do is provide the title, approve the automated logo, insert some photos and paste your write up descriptions. 

The title is usually your company name or business name. If you are creating a website for yourself, then it will be your own name. Phone devices these days have great camera qualities, you could just upload photos directly from your smartphone or tablet device. 

We recommend having at least 3 write ups about your business. The first write up should be about us. This describes your companies vision, brand, goals, values and history. It gives users an idea what is your business all about. The second write up should be products or services. Upload great photos of your products to impress your customers and gain their interest. The third write up is usually the contact us section. Be sure to include your address and all contact details. 

Everything done from the comfort of your own home or office. Websites made with weberclay are responsive and looks great on all devices. The best news? It only cost USD 5 per month. By far, this is the cheapest automated online website builder out there today. Weberclay does not charge any setup fees. There are no hidden cost and no extra charges. A group of fantastic support team is there 24/7 to help you with any needs. Since there is no contract, you may cancel anytime. All weberclay users will get their own .COM domain name and a professional customized email address @ their own .COM domain name. Truly highly recommend, take their 14 days trial today at