People can already reserve the Galaxy Note 10 and it will arrive on August 23rd

People can already reserve the Galaxy Note 10 and it will arrive on August 23rd
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Samsung is enabling individuals to reserve a spot in the preorder line for “the next generation of Galaxy,” which is another method for saying the Galaxy Note 10. It will accept reservations until 11:59 PM ET on August 7th, that day Samsung is hosting an Unpacked occasion where we anticipate that it should reveal the Galaxy Note 10, and, potentially, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. That is when preorders will open, and on the off chance that people follow through with buying the gadget, they will get it on August 23rd.

In case people are interested in putting their name down, they can do that currently to be among the first to get the phone when it releases. Samsung says that reserving will give people $50 in credit to use toward accessories. Note 10 is probably going to be costly, yet people may most likely set aside some cash by trading their phones. Samsung is offering $600 in credit in exchange for the following gadgets, assuming that it’s in great condition:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10E, S10, S10 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • iPhone X, XR, or XS
  • Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL

Everyone has seen trade-in values achieve this high previously, however it’s typically reserved for the most recent, most high-end phones. Samsung is augmenting the criteria by an enormous margin for the Note 10 release.

Since this article was initially published, Samsung has evacuated both the ship date of August 23rd and the values it is offering for trade-ins from the site, so it appears that the organization let the cat out somewhat sooner than it had foreseen. Be that as it may, since both of those pieces of info originated from Samsung itself, everyone is sure they are exact for what the organization is arranging.

Google’s Pixel 3 and Samsung’s Galaxy S10E and S10 have recently sold for around or below $600. In this way, in case people are somebody who got one of those phones during a sale, they can squeeze more value out of them during the trade-in process.