Dr. Martin Schwarz and its Plaque Removal Product as a Way to Deliver Great Teeth Whitening Result

Dr. Martin Schwarz and its Plaque Removal Product as a Way to Deliver Great Teeth Whitening Result
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Recent news announced by FeedsPortal and Yahoo state, that German oral care brand – Dr. Martin Schwarz has released a revolutionary dental product called Bioscaling gel. Bioscaling is an antibacterial gel that is supposed to bring oral hygiene to another level. Antiseptic features of Bioscaling remove dental plaque, prevents from dental calculus formation and – according to FeedsPortal – accelerate the effects of other dental products like toothpaste and teeth whitening products.

What’s the real impact of Bioscaling gel.

Yahoo describes Dr. Martin Schwarz’s latest product – Bioscaling as revolutionary in the dental field. It happens probably due to the fact, that Bioscaling gel removes dental plaque and prevents dental calculus build-up in short sessions performed independently at home. In real life, it means that patients do not need to seek for tartar removal procedure at dental clinics, but instead, they have a new weapon to prevent the calculus to be formed. Regular application of Bioscaling – according to Dr. Martin Schwarz brand – significantly reduces the risk of dental calculus build-up and experiencing periodontal diseases. Everything with simple & short cleaning sessions performed independently at home. 

How plaque & dental calculus removal affects teeth aesthetics?


Teeth whitening treatments performed in specialized dental offices usually require dental scaling and root planing procedures just before the whitening treatment. It happens due to the fact, that the teeth surface is often covered with dental calculus – a thin layer of the mineral deposit that develop as a result of dental plaque hardening. Removing dental plaque & dental calculus allows to get rid of unwanted mineral stains and in many cases – provides visible teeth brightening results. According to Wikipedia: dental scaling would not whiten the teeth – it will remove yellowish stain and restore the natural teeth color. Besides restoring natural teeth color, preventing from periodontal diseases – dental scaling would allow teeth whiteners to interact with the teeth surface and provide superior whitening results. This is the main reasons why dental professionals perform scaling treatment just prior to the teeth whitening sessions.

How the plaque removal product is meant to deliver superior whitening results? 


According to Feedsportal Bioscaling gel is meant to remove dental plaque – bacterial barrier, that prevents teeth whitening products from interacting with the teeth surface. In other words, this antibacterial gel developed by Dr. Martin Schwarz would – in the opinion of manufacturer – significantly improve the teeth whitening results providing superior teeth brightening effect. Currently, in the portfolio of Dr. Martin Schwarz there are three teeth whitening gels based on carbamide peroxide formula which is claimed to deliver whitening results without typical for such procedure post-treatment tooth sensitivity. Can the combined application of their Bioscaling gel and teeth whitening products result in a perfectly white smile? It’s not known yet, but the fact of additional – not invasive whitening procedure – sounds really tempting.