Self-Mastery Is Essential For Success in Life

Self-Mastery Is Essential For Success in Life
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Self-mastery is probably one of the most important habits any one can develop in life. More often than not, the biggest enemy of our dreams, goals and aspirations is not the man competing with us, but the man that looks at us in the mirror – ourselves. And if we don’t learn how to master him, we will get sabotaged by our own indiscipline, lack of focus and emotional instability.

More men have fallen victim to self-inflicted blows than external aggression, that’s why it’s a matter of urgency for anyone who desires to rise to the top of the career ladder to learn how to master himself. And from many years of experience in life, I believe that martial arts is the biggest teacher when it comes to self-mastery.

I am Sensei Marcus Hinschberger, and together with my wife, Sensei Christina, we founded Tokon Martial Arts Academy in Sacramento more than seven years ago to help people understand life principles that can be gleaned from the martial arts. 

In a good martial arts program like the one we run at our academy, the curriculum will cover such important aspects like focus, commitment, determination, overcoming fear as well as work ethic, self-improvement and confidence. All this is designed to lead you in a step-wise journey to self-mastery. 

Some of the benefits you will derive from participating in the martial arts include –

  • Increase fitness – physical, mental and emotional
  • Greater self-discipline
  • Greater self-control
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Improved Endurance
  • Increased Focus & Performance

And all of this is in addition to the fact that you learn how to defend and protect yourself in a combat situation.

Since I began practicing as a Sensei, I have trained thousands of people who have gone on to become leaders in business and industry because they learnt how to master themselves. If you want to rise to the top in your field, then you must learn it too.

If you are ready to take that step of self-mastery, visit me at Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento and let us help you fly even higher.

Take That Step of Self-Mastery

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