Brydell Cocky visited Good Burger Pop-Up

Brydell Cocky visited Good Burger Pop-Up
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West Hollywood, California – A pop-up restaurant based on the 1997 cult classic Nickelodeon film Good Burger has just opened in West Hollywood. It is designed to appear just like it did in the movie. This prompted local YouTube celebrity Brydell Cocky to pay it a visit and record a video of his experience there. 

“This takes me back to my childhood,” Brydell said. “As soon as I stepped into the restaurant, I felt like I was in the movie. The experience was surreal.”

The Good Burger pop-up is not the typical fast-food restaurant. Customers are required to make reservations prior to entering the establishment. It is worth the wait just to eat their burgers, which are all freshly prepared for the customers.

“Even though I’m a vegan, I couldn’t help but try one of their good burgers out,” Brydell said. “I have to admit; they were quite tasty and delicious. I would definitely have one again.”

Each customer who enters the Good Burger pop-up gets asked the famous question, “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?” Anyone who’s seen the movie will understand the significance of this.

Nickelodeon plans to keep the Good Burger pop-up restaurant open for a few months. Interested parties are encouraged to make their reservations as early as possible, due to high demand.

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