Has Trivago Added a New Face to its Burgeoning Brand?

Has Trivago Added a New Face to its Burgeoning Brand?
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Fans of the famous Trivago advertising campaigns are in for a big surprise, with several “new faces” rumored to be joining the successful line-up. 

There’s already a big buzz on social media, with what appears to be a desperate bid to find out who will be added to list of its upcoming 2019 media-marketing onslaught.

One face in particular, is former TMZ newsperson Sean Borg who has appeared in a series of Trivago “ad-campaign style” images that have been circulating the internet for several months, causing a frenzy in the Trivago fandom.

The promotional shots feature Borg posing with the familiar multi-colored Trivago logo stamped across his T-shirt, leading us to believe he might be the chosen one.

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Australian actress and model, Gabrielle Miller is the current the Trivago girl, she appears in a series of new advertisements mainly, in the UK.

So, is Sean Borg one of the hot new faces? 

Here’s what we know about Sean Borg. He is certainly no stranger in the world of entertainment news, we’ve found out.

He is a well-known British host and columnist who has appeared on a number TV shows and showbiz websites over the years, including TMZHollywood 411 (with ‘The Bachelor’ star Chris Harrison) for TV Guide, and was once even a writer for The New York Post’s — PageSix column.

Sean Borg – Trivago

But is it just more clever hype from the world’s leading hotel price comparison site? Growth rates of Trivago’s (NASDAQ:TRVG) financials make it one of the most interesting stocks to analyze at the moment, making its upside quite significant.

We reached out to Trivago’s head office in Düsseldorf, Germany but as of yet received no official comment on Sean Borg.

We will update you as soon as we hear!

Sean Borg on Hollywood 411