How Tapkar is Disrupting India’s Business and Freelance Services Industry

How Tapkar is Disrupting India’s Business and Freelance Services Industry
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If your business belong to a Services Industry or you are a freelancer in India, chances are that you have heard of Tapkar. Tapkar, pronounced ‘tap kar’, is a Business Platform, based in New Delhi, which allows B2B / B2C Businesses, Brands and Professionals to showcase their business, skills and portfolios, as well as enables them to sell their services online via their in-built services marketplace. It primarily caters to Indian audience, and prides itself for being an extremely user friendly platform.

The Services industry relies pretty much on word-of-mouth for acquiring clients, since they offer intangible products. For a client like you and me, it becomes difficult to choose a company that can deliver on the standards dreamt and expected by us. Moreover, there is no right answer in choosing the appropriate platform for searching such companies. What may work for you, might not work for me. 

Here’s where Tapkar comes in. Tapkar works in a simple yet effective way. It allows you to create a Business Page where users can learn everything about you – Your Services, Portfolio (Images/Videos), Case Studies, Success Stories and Clientele. One could also post their job requirements and write articles for your company and even accept online orders directly via their business page. And here’s the important part – Everything is seamlessly integrated, making your potential clients’ work a lot easier.

Currently, we depend on our Facebook and Linkedin company pages to get the word out for our business. Now, Tapkar looks like a good option to join this list. 

But how is Tapkar making sure that users and businesses are on the same page? That is via its in-built services marketplace called ‘Tapkar Market’. Though it’s competing against global platforms like Upwork and Freelancer, where many Indian companies get their clients from, Tapkar has opened its platform exclusively for the Indian market. This basically means that an India based client can now find any service from an Indian based company, easily place an order and get their work done, without much added costs due to low commission charges of Tapkar. 

Upon research, we found out that almost all services are accepted to be sold via Tapkar, as long as there are legally allowed in India. Be it content marketing or website development, graphic design or even Video production, the categories available are enough to cater to almost 90% of the Indian market.

So, the question is if Tapkar strong enough to make a dent into the industry with their powerful combination of Business Listing and Services Marketplace? Only time will tell, but one’s thing for sure – Tapkar is something to watch out for in 2019.