Kidney Stones Therapy with Wearable Device is Effective and Safe

Kidney Stones Therapy with Wearable Device is Effective and Safe
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For more than a decade, patients with kidney stones have been using Dr Allen’s non-invasive Device. This device helps to naturally dissolve kidney stones and treat this chronic disease without any problems.

Thermobalancing Therapy with Dr Allen’s Device received a US patent for its uniqueness and showed the ability to dissolve dissolves any type and size of kidney stone without side effects. Dr Allen’s Device applies two thermoelements to the projection of both kidneys in the back.

Kidney stone disease is initiated by different external factors, i.e. ‘triggers’, such as pain, stress, infection or excess of elements. A trigger places capillary net in the kidney tissue under stress leading to constriction and causing hypothermia in the tissue. This compromises the function of tiny blood vessels, namely capillaries. The pathological activity at the vascular level initiates the stones growth.

Dr Allen’s Device dissolves stones in kidneys by eliminating the focus of hypothermia and improving blood circulation in their tissue. It is easy to use this device. Here is an informative video:

Kidney stones surgeries

Extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy (ESWL) appears to be a risk factor for early onset hypertension, diabetes and chronic kidney disease. Thus, ESWL, the regularly used procedure for removal kidney stones, has serious side effects.

A large research of the Mayo Clinic ‘Diabetes mellitus and hypertension associated with shock wave lithotripsy of renal and proximal ureteral stones at 19 years of followup,’ has concluded: At 19 years of followup SWL for renal and proximal ureteral stones was associated with the development of hypertension and diabetes mellitus. The incidence of these conditions was significantly higher than in a cohort of conservatively treated patients with nephrolithiasis.

People should know that about 16 in 100 people have serious complications after percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL). The investigation the postoperative outcomes of PCNL in English National Health Service hospitals has concluded that haemorrhage and infection represent relatively common and potentially severe complications of PCNL. Complications of PCNL may be under-reported and need to be corroborated using different data sources.

Kidney stone recurrence is common, about 50% in 5 years. Additional surgeries in the future can have additional serious negative effects on health and economy of people.

Innovative Dr. Allen’s Device

Thermobalancing therapy can prevent the recurrence of stones, which cannot be reached by all other treatments. The device is effective for 1-1.5 years; therefore, it is obvious that Thermobalancing therapy the best cost-effective solution to get rid of kidney stones.

Dr. Allen’s Device is a class 1 medical device, which does not require the involvement of a notified body at any country. Fine Treatment, a healthcare company, manufactures and delivers this device to every customer’s home. The delivery of Dr. Allen’s Device is guaranteed by Royal mail tracking services.