Get Retired in Vietnam after 2020: Pros and Cons

Get Retired in Vietnam after 2020: Pros and Cons
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of retirement in Vietnam? What percentage of savings can you expect to achieve compared to what you are spending today in France? What taxes apply to French pensioners? What are the formalities to be completed to settle permanently in the country? And where to live to enjoy the best living conditions?… so many questions to which we provide you with answers.

Quality of life in Vietnam

A people of great kindness, magnificent landscapes, a cultural heritage rich in history, a light and balanced cuisine,… but you have to accept to live far from France and to manage the clash of cultures

The cost of living in Vietnam

Living in Vietnam is much cheaper than in USA, Australia, United Kingdom … The savings you will realize in your daily life will allow you to better enjoy your retirement, make it richer and more exciting, and offer you little pleasures that you could not expect while staying in France. However, there is nothing significant to gain from a tax point of view.

The formalities for retirement in Vietnam

The administrative procedures to be completed to be able to retire in Vietnam (entry visa, purchase or rental of real estate, taxation, banking, health insurance, customs, driving license…) are not complicated but need to be helped not to forget anything and save time.

The best places to retire in Vietnam

Deciding to retire to Vietnam is one thing, but where to settle: a cosmopolitan city, a lively seaside resort, a small quiet port, an isolated village… discover our favourites!

Want to get retired in Vietnam

Many things are changing within the previous months: retirement visa in 2019, taxes for foreigners and retired people, bank accounts new policy for expats living in Vietnam … many information and advice are available on