Tips to Choose Outdoor Rugs for Rattan Garden Furniture

Tips to Choose Outdoor Rugs for Rattan Garden Furniture
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Have you recently splurged on a brand new outdoor set of rattan garden furniture UK to enjoy a relaxing evening with near and dear ones, however, does something seem to be lacking? Adding a super stylish outdoor rug helps to tie it all together while allows the outdoor living space to be an extension of the interior space.

Outdoor rugs are ideally designed in order to reflect the same styles, and trends found in the interior floor coverings, however, are specially made for outdoor purpose.  There is an unlimited variety of outdoor rugs available to choose from, yet needs to go with your furniture, and it looks. Here are a few tips for selecting the outdoor rugs for rattan garden furniture:

1. Consider the materials

Rugs that are made up of both synthetic woven materials and natural ones allow them to be a lot more durable and suit all weather conditions. Natural fibres like jute, hemp, sisal, and sea grass are extremely strong and sturdy; sustainable, sound-absorbent while adds texture to space at the same time.

Synthetic coverings come in a wide array of colours that can not only be hosted down but also dries very quickly. They are also, which is why you can easily roll the rugs up and move them anywhere you wish to. In addition to this, these rugs are affordable as compared to natural materials. Browse through all the materials and make your choice according to your needs.

2. Size and shape

It is crucial to pay heed to the architecture such as fountains, fireplaces, or pillars. You need to consider the entire space of the outdoor space while choosing the shape of the rug. Round patio table suit ideally suits round rugs, whereas a rectangular or square rug can easily define outdoor seating groupings.

The rug needs to be at least 2 feet wider as compared to the table on each side. You must be able to put out all the chairs while having their legs remain on the rug. Moreover, the rugs need to be big enough to ensure the front legs of the major furniture pieces can be easily placed on the rug. Avoid buying oversized rugs for outdoors that can cover the majority of the patio or deck.

3. Choose a pattern

The styles are ever-changing where the days of muted outdoor rugs are gone. The floor coverings are easily available in strips, bright coloured solids, geometric patterns, and many more. In order to determine the right pattern for your rattan furniture sale, it is first essential to consider what will complement the existing furnishings and the amount of rug that will be visible.

4. Coordinate with the cushion colours

Coordinate colours in the rug with the cushion colours of outdoor furniture. The scrolling designs on the wrought iron chairs can be easily repeated on a rug pattern to create a unified traditional setting. Plain furniture needs to be dressed with an ornamental rug design or a solid coloured one under patterned outdoor fabrics in order to avoid excess competing patterns.

5. Minimalistic monochrome

For an extremely simple and contemporary minimalist approach, make use of a very light coloured rug that comprises of a dark border. This border needs to be in monochromatic colours like tan, gray, beige, brown, and taupe, which create a relaxing and serene setting having a timeless appeal. Head over to to get the most beautiful rugs for your outdoor deck.

6. Stain-resistant rugs

Outdoor gardens are for all those special celebrations that involve a lot of eating and drinking. Rugs can be a soft target that can suffer spills from any kind of drink. The stain-resistant fibres are capable of taking on spills of drinks from chocolate shakes to wine. Add a whimsical touch to the play areas with a zigzag pattern, bold strips, fun animal prints such as zebra print.

7. Choose weather-resistant rugs

This kind of rugs is ideal while you are planning to keep the rug outside all year long in your outdoor garden. In order to avoid the build-up of mould and mildew, choose a rug that is moisture-proof comprising of a backing which prevents melted snow or rainwater from pooling.

 Acrylic rugs, polypropylene, and olefin comprise of built-in defenses that make them some of the best patio rugs for all year round. Rugs which contain UV-resistant coating work are ideal for warmer climates that help protect the material from fading away due to excessive heat and sun. If the weather conditions get extremely snowy, roll up the rugs and store them indoors until and unless it is safe to get them out.


Choosing outdoor rugs for rattan furniture can be quite challenging, with a wide array of factors to choose from. Consider these tips to choose the best outdoor rugs for your furniture.