Change In Life Is Necessary- Ali Askarov

Change In Life Is Necessary- Ali Askarov
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Ali Askarov is a young Canadian who is a celebrity manager. He has over 16 years of experience in managing celebrities from different industries such as Entertainment and music. In all these years he has worked as an excellent manager and managed models like Karl Wolf, Kiki Rowe, Deena, Bam Savage , Alberto. These celebrities are loved by all of us but there is always a hand behind them who guides them and manages their schedule i.e. celebrity managers. 

Five years back, Ali was a professional basketball player. He played in different countries such as China, Spain, Luxembourg, and Turkey. This extremely talented person has also fixed his steps in other sports and was a part of Azerbaijan National Team. Azerbaijan Basketball federation is known as ABF is a national governing body of Basketball in Azerbaijan and its headquarters are in Baku, Europe.

Thus, to add some more interest and to add some change in the career life, Ali opted to work as a celebrity manager back then. He is excellent in his job and that is the reason that people praise him for what he does.

Ali has a great experience in managing the celebrities. He was worked for Karl Wolf as a music manager and that too for 10 years. He has also worked for Alberto Choa for almost 5 years and managed Kiki Rowe for 1 year.

From being an ex-sportsman to an excellent celebrity manager he is taking his career to heights by also working as an music and model manager. This man always believed in trying something new and giving the best out of it. This is the reason that even after leaving the sports background, Ali is successfully growing as an event manger in the Music and entertainment Industry.