Guide to Fancy Curtains

Guide to Fancy Curtains
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We all agree to this that the curtains are the main source to make the room complete but only if the selection of it is correct.  After the decoration, window treatment is an important factor. You have to select each and everything from colour, fabric, length, lining and the style very carefully.  Many people are having different choices and preferences. Their decision may be change after knowing the pros and the cons for advice. Pick up the perfect curtain for the room will help in making it look good and appealing.

In this article, we have listed the best guide for the selection of the fancy curtains for the home. It is helpful and also assists you to take the right verdict to perk up the feel of the place. Read the below points and plump for the right door curtains for the room

Opt for best colour and fabric

Fabric for the curtains is the best thing you need to select. For the fancy curtains, you need to choose the fabric accordingly.  This is important because it will dictate the functions of the curtains well and hold up over time. 

For the great fall, you need to select the heavy fabric because the light fabric may not fall well. After selecting the fabric, then the next important step is to pick up the colour of the selected fabric for the curtains. You need to select the shade of the curtains from the palette that will completely go with the room decor and the other stuff. It must look like a part of the room otherwise it will decrease the room decor. It will bring a new look and a new life to the place. 

You can also give a fancy curtain a simple and elegant look by selecting the lighter shades instead of brighter.  When you are selecting the curtains the one factor you need to pay attention is the sunlight. It will fade the fabric over time. If the room gets a lot of the light this means that it allows the UV ray to enter. This will damage the furniture and as well as fade the colour of the curtains. And this also the smart reason to avoid the bright colours that tend to fade faster. 

Precise measurement of windows

The right way to measure the window is from the top of the window added some extra inches from where you want to hang curtains to the floor.  And if you are looking for the traditional look with the help of the curtains, then you must need to add a few more inches in the length of the curtains. 

For measuring the width, you have to add the 4 or even 8 inches on both sides to ensure the fullness and great look of them. This will help in blocking the sunlight to enter in your space and help in obtaining the desired look. 

Custom window treatment

The custom window treatment is the best. It will offer you many benefits and aid you to get the look you are looking for. It perfectly goes with the room theme and perfectly fitted on the window. The custom panels come in endless designs, material, and style. You have several options to pick. Pick the one that is perfect and can complement your yearning curtain design. Everything you select may vary in prices and as well as they look. You have too little careful and logical while picking up the fabric and the curtain accessories from the market. You can also buy them online room the Imperial Rooms. Here you can get best readymade curtains and as well as the accessories you are looking for in the market. 

Washer Machine Friendly

When you are buying the fancy curtains for the living room or even for the bedroom you have to be logical. Some fabrics are there who only require the dry clean. This is an expensive procedure. So the best thing is to get the fabric that is washed in the machine. 

This will give a benefit of saving the time and money both and will run longer. Keep one thing in mind that the fabric that requires dry clean will not put in the machine otherwise; it will ruin high-quality curtains.