Pub Lady Retaliates With Reasons When council orders removal of ‘intimidating’ £10k security shutters

Pub Lady Retaliates With Reasons When council orders removal of ‘intimidating’ £10k security shutters
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Landlady Michelle Swift hit the planners after demanding to take down her £ 10,000 (around is around 8 lakhs) safety shutters after being labeled’ lifeless and intimidating (not safe).’ The 37-year-old, who runs the Micro Bar of Meir’s Swifty, claims that she waited for months to get approval for the Stoke-on-Trent City Council to confirm her policy on window shutters. Now Michelle wants the local authority to change its position by claiming that businesses could fall below the cost of replacing expensive security methods.

Last year, the remote-controlled shutters were mounted at the Weston Road site before the building was turned into a pub from a store.

Nevertheless, the landlord, who supervised the job, was told that he needed the authority to plan and went on to see that the previous application turned down.

Michelle claims that the shutters are going to be expensive to replace. Additionally, the landlord has now been handed an application to give the notice that they have been replaced.

Implementing the decision she told: ’The old ones are being replaced which are the good one and the shutters are used with remote control.’ The shutters will cost around 8Lakh and no one commented that they are not working properly.

The need is to protect the business. Some traders have the shutters and the windows were not smashed.

Back in November when it got refused the council did not tell till February that what changes have been made in the policy.

With the local councilor representations were also registered. The main aim of the council was to see that what you need inside and there is not enough what you can see with them.

They should look at the policy again and it should be not be used what does not work in one region. Fortunately, the landlord is dealing with this situation and also it could affect some companies. It is very important that individuals should be evident in this.

The objection was given by the council but the police did not. They just wanted people to look again at the policy. It should not be like what works in one area should be used in another. Fortunately, the landlord is dealing with this and it could put pressure on the business. With people, everything should be made clear.

‘The pub has become a social hub and the next day there was some pick.‘ as compared to the council the community is doing more for the area.

The report given by the council planners suggested that scheme should be refused: “The security measure of this type created the appearance of fortress type which contributed fear of crime. In the locality, a high level of security must be needed.”

‘The roller shutters design and guides do not integrate with a shopfront. This could result in lifeless, creation of a bleak, and front part will become a threatening point within the street.’

The concerns with the local authority are not fully repeated by Staffordshire police. The report said: With the external shutter good level of protection is given against criminal damage and burglary.

The shutters are installed mostly in solid appearance, although there is style with open brick which is at viewing height.

This option is better than solid shutters and they are also harsh appearance. But, they are not as good as others which can provide greater visibility especially when they are installed internally.

The commercial centre has different styles. The shutters need to be used overnight which can also help in reducing the negative visual and the neighborhood will become safer.

A spokesman said: “To have the good design there are proper guidelines given by the nation planning. Additionally, the council has its planning guidelines locally so that the shutters are of good design and design should not be solid. The solid shutters will make the area unsafe and extremely untidy.”

“The applicants who have solid shutters in their premises need to sign the lease that these shutters are not acceptable and they should be replaced.”

“We give proper guidance available so that it makes it easy to get the shutters installed. Advice will be given to the best style of shutter & also the various types of shutters.”