Science for Kids show some really cool Dry ice experiments

Science for Kids show some really cool Dry ice experiments
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Dry ice experiments, at first glance, look like perfect magic.

They like to include magicians, animators, and organizers of scientific shows in their performances. In fact, almost all experiments with this substance can be carried out at home without any special training.

“Dry ice” refers to the very carbon dioxide (CO2, carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide) that we breathe out, only frozen. Carbon dioxide at solid temperatures from gaseous becomes solid, and when heated again instantly turns into gas. In this case, a spectacular and completely harmless vapor is formed.

Dry ice experiments for kids

Inflate balloon

Place some ice inside a regular balloon and tie a ponytail. Then the magic will happen by itself. Carbon dioxide sublimates and miraculously inflates a ball. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount of substance, otherwise the ball will not stand and burst. Although the explosion may well be part of the article focus.

Magic smoke

Pieces or granules of carbon dioxide are simply thrown into a bowl of hot water. Capacity turns into a mystical witch’s cauldron.

The secret of the trick is simple: getting into hot water, carbon dioxide passes much faster from solid to gaseous. Interestingly, she does not have a liquid state. With older children, you can delve deeper into physics and consider the topic “Three states of matter.”