Top cities in the world to celebrate the Halloween season

Top cities in the world to celebrate the Halloween season
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Halloween is one of the most awaited festivals for both children and adults as they bring out their best spooky selves and enjoy to the fullest. Trick or treat is another playful part for the kids, which they love the most. If you are someone who is planning to spend their Halloween holidays at the best destinations, then here is a list of the top cities that are known to host the most amazing Halloween parties and events:

 New Orleans

New Orleans is counted among one of the top destinations for Halloween. If you are here during this time, you can pay a visit to the haunted houses or book a cemetery tour where you can admire the most famous cemeteries across the city. You will also get to visit the resting place of Marie Laveau, who is considered to be voodoo queen. If you are interested in vampires, then there is a place called the Vampire ball which has a complete setup as that of a spooky cemetery. You can also attend the voodoo festival which takes place during the Halloween weekend and has a lot to offer in terms of music and arts. Check out to know more about the best cities where you can enjoy the Halloween experience.


Disney’s magic kingdom is the best place where you can kickstart the Halloween season if you are a big fan. A Halloween party is organized during this time which is perfect for enjoying with family and friends. There is a “Boo-to-you” that is organized for the people who happen to keep dancing all over along, and there is also a firework attraction. Apart from Disneyland, you can also visit Universal or Sea World for Halloween celebrations.

New Hampshire

Halloween is incomplete without pumpkins and to your surprise turnips and potatoes were also used during the early days. You can find many events to see the smiling pumpkins, but the New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival is one such event that should not be missed. It takes place in Laconia on October 13. The main events of this festival include pumpkin run/walk/parade, carving demonstration, pumpkin tower, and much more. You are allowed to register for your own pumpkin for the tower, so if you are someone who is ready for the competition, then you should definitely look forward to this event.


Salem is considered to be the home of the notorious witch trials. The haunted happenings are an integral part of the Halloween, and you can participate in their annual psychic fair and witchcraft expo. Another attraction of this place is the “Ghostbuster” theatre which is known for the haunted dinner setup and holds performances which are highly popular. You can also visit the Corwin House and opt for the haunted walking/harbor/trolley tours.


Seattle has the MoPOP museum, which offers some amazing food and has the scared to death exhibit as well. This exhibit showcases the props and costumes from the popular horror films and television shows that are really spooky and can give you chills to your spine. If you are not a fan of horror setup, you can visit the Seattle aquarium and enjoy mammal feeding and the exhibit of the pumpkin carvings.


There are several parties held during the Halloween weekend in Birmingham which are great pomp and show, but the one event that you should not miss is the Día de Los Muertos Festival organized by Bare Hands Gallery. You can get your photos, flowers, sugar skulls, and candles to pay tribute to the shrines and altars. Halloween is all about good food, music, art, and laughter in Alabama.


The corn mazes near Chicago are a noteworthy site during this time and might even open during the month of September. The Richardson adventure farm, in particular, is spread over 33 acres and is one of the biggest corn mazes that the guests find amusing. If you want to visit someplace which is even scarier, then heap’s haunted corn maze is your go-to destination. If you are looking for a fun ball event, then you can make up to the haunted Halloween ball.

Universal Studios

The Halloween horror nights in Hollywood are extremely enjoyable and have the right mix of horror, fun, and adventure. There are scare zones and mazes that will leave you run for your lives. The event also shows some of the classic horror movies such as the “Saw,” “The Shining” and “American Horror Story.

Do keep these places in your bucket list if you are a fan of Halloween as each of these places have their specific destinations, events, and festivals that are completely specific to that particular region. Halloween is that time when you bring out your creativity, so make sure that you make the most of it by participating in events.