OHAUS – Accuracy, Precision, and the Durability to Keep on Performing

OHAUS – Accuracy, Precision, and the Durability to Keep on Performing
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Since 1907, OHAUS has developed into a world leader in consideration and mensuration technology.

The company began as a small repair business focused on scales.

It grew that focus into a status – they’re currently a world manufacturer with the technology, quality, and pedigree for measurement equipment that customers all over the world can trust.

Engineering Accuracy and Precision

The Ohausecomplete is instantly recognized for exceptional balances in labs, factories, farms, and anywhere else a scale could be needed.

OHAUS balances and scales area unit a world normal for a way consideration technology ought to operate.

The construction and materials area unit built to easily be correct and precise, and now with modern software development, Ohaus balances-scales can maintain their quality with minimal user interruption.

Diverse Equipment – Consistent OHAUS Quality

OHAUS has dilated their development into science lab instrumentation on the far side simply balances and scales.

Vortex Mixers, Centrifuges, and Water Analysis instrumentality currently feature a constant level of high performance and dependabilityin conjunction with the OHAUS name.

Operator-Friendly Design

Despite the high performance built into OHAUS science lab instrumentation, operating design continues to be sleek, practical, and intuitive.

Modern software is carefully designed to make it easy for operators to understand the functions and to quickly work through their experiments. OHAUS user interfaces are simple and direct – operators can easily find their way through any menu and can quickly operate the device, regardless of how complex the technology is.

Operator and Equipment Protection

OHAUS science lab instrumentation is a special – options area unit designed to reduce errors and shield mensuration from close changes or standardization errors.

Furthermore, materials and construction are all carefully chosen and designed to maintain the integrity of internal components. Balances, load cells, electrodes, are all protected from common sources of damage to ensure that users can continue to deliver consistent, accurate results and can continue to depend on their OHAUS equipment.

Keeping Up with The Times

As technology progresses, so does OHAUS lab equipment.

Users will expect to use color displays, touchscreens, hands-free technology, and computers with the technology integrated into OHAUS lab equipment.

USB and RS232 property are normal with several OHAUS devices – as users develop additional advanced techniques and approaches, their science lab instrumentation ought to conjointly.