Why Lydie Livolsi, Founder of Mydentalwig.com Mission is to “Solve Missing Teeth In The World”

Why Lydie Livolsi, Founder of Mydentalwig.com Mission is to  “Solve Missing Teeth In The World”
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Now thanks to My Dental Wig, everyone in the world can get their teeth loss replaced, directly from the comfort of their home.

A Dental Wig is exactly what it sounds like. It is a wig for your teeth.

Specifically made for the individual, Dental Wigs are created to fit into the space where there were once teeth. Users can still eat, drink and sleep with them on without the discomfort commonly known with dentures.

Founder and creator Lydie Livolsi has changed the dental game forever. Even Dr. Kirsten DDS (dentist) graduated from the University of San Francisco wrote “My Dental Wig Is “The Next Major Disruptor to the Dental Industry. (Think Smile Direct Club)Dental implants are both expensive and painful, but no more! This new invention is solving a lot of people’s teeth issues. Lydie’s goal and passion has always been to help other people. She used to always watch her grandmother crush roasted peanuts on some granite stone to make peanut butter because she had some missing teach and couldn’t chew peanuts. This, as well as her older sister being a dentist, is what sparked the interest of dentistry in Lydie. She moved to France to study dentistry and can make crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, inlays, onlays, orthodontics appliances etc. After her grandmother’s death, she promised herself that she would still figure out a way to solve the issue of missing teeth in honour of her grandmother.From then on, you could say the rest is history.

A Dental Wig has now given consumers the ability to skip the boring dentist waiting rooms and get their missing teeth replaced directly from the comfort of their home.

You can see that Lydie is an extremely giving and passionate person with a big heart, which she has even portrayed in her unique logo. The red symbolises Lydie’s passion with her big heart and her billion-dollar smile. She wants everyone with teeth loss, to get a Natural Healthy & Beautiful Smile For Life™ like her, wearing 1 Dental Wig on her upper jaw and 1 Dental Wig on her lower jaw.

Lydie is the #1Turnkey Standalone EB5 Visa Investment Host in USA, through her company, which is available at Mydentalwig.com.

 She also offers turnkey franchising for her business and has recently partnered up with Dr. Kirsten Roling, (DDS Dentist), graduated from the University of San Francisco, Founder and CEO of Virtual Dental Expo, the first virtual dental trade show which website is www.virtualdentalexpo.com

Lydie is selling The Dental Wig 1 jaw 1 price for $2,000 USD, her Turnkey Franchise right now for $100,000 USD, that will go up to $180,000 USD by November 21, 2019 and the Turnkey Standalone EB5 Visa Investment right now for $1 million USD that will go up at $1.8 million USD by November 21, 2019! Her patented invention that allows her to create her amazing business system is making replacement of missing teeth accessible, which obviously is going to improve the health of all humans.

 Lydie’s mission is to “Solve Missing Teeth In The World” because, as she said “Everybody Deserves a Natural Healthy & Beautiful Smile For Life™

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