YungK Drops Single “My Time” Weeks Apart From His “God’s Dream” Pop-Up

YungK Drops Single “My Time” Weeks Apart From His “God’s Dream” Pop-Up
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Music and fashion has always been synonymous and YungK is following that model with the release of his new song, “My Time”. From Jay-Z and Rocawear, 50 Cent & G-Unit Clothing, or Diddy & Sean John, it is documented that rappers have always looked into enterprising themselves into more business ventures outside of music since the start. 

After successful weeks of curating a pop up shop that not only established him as a brand, he is looking to take it to new heights following up with this timely release. What set apart his merchandise with other rappers was that there is quality to the pieces from the cuts to the stitching. 

As he raps over a trap beat laced with bass, hits, and snares, he spits about the rapper lifestyle with perfectly timed ad-libs. His music is a verbal representation of what his instagram boasts. YungK has all of the tools and is getting ready to take it to the next level as you can hear. 

When you visit his social media, you see exactly how music and fashion is not far apart. The cars, the watches, international trips, all while establishing a brand that meshes well with his new single. While many artists are beginning to build brands, he has a head start. “My Time” is his way of establishing himself as a brand, but also as an artist. 

An artist will usually wait until they have created a large name so they can feel assured when they sell merch, but YungK is betting on himself and looks to be making the right decision.