Dreem has announced the launch of its brand-new product, Dreem 2, in the US

Dreem has announced the launch of its brand-new product, Dreem 2, in the US
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The Dreem 2 is designed to be worn as a headband while the user sleeps.  It uses seven sensors to measure data.  These sensors are set on springs so that they can sit on the head without leaving any marks.   In addition to the sensors, the headband is also equipped with sound buds that will go over the ears (and can be removed if the headband needs to be washed) to play white noise or music to help with sleep.  It’s made from a cloth material for comfort purposes.

This biofeedback sleep aid connects to and receives data from the phone, but Bluetooth is not required for it to work.  During sleep, the Dreem 2 actively measures brain activity, heart rate, breathing rate, and movement.  When the user wakes up, it will then transfer this data to the phone so that it can be viewed.  

The Dreem 2 works by first gathering data over seven weeks for sleep consolidation, cognitive exercises, stimulus control, and sleep hygiene.  It will then design a sleep pattern for the user based on this data.  Using the information, it can also show the user where their sleep trouble might lie.

How it works

When using Dreem 2, the consumer can set their night routine, including exercises to help fall asleep, and a smart alarm that will slowly bring the user out of their sleep.

Once the user is awake, the Dreem headband will then send information to the user’s phone which will include how well they slept, how long it took them to fall asleep, how many times they woke up during the night, and how long they stayed awake during those times.

How it relates to the rising insomnia epidemic

Dreem 2 is designed to treat the increasing epidemic of sleep disorders, including insomnia. 

An estimated 30 percent of the population suffers from lack of sleep.  This ranges from restless nights to chronic insomnia.  10% of this group are impacted severely by sleep disorders and cannot function regularly because of it.  

Lack of sleep does often have simple consequences such as fatigue, trouble concentration, or memory loss.  In the long term, however, it can have severe mental and physical effects, including migraines or depression.  In the most severe cases, it can cause death.  

The Dreem 2 is the latest product in Dreem’s attempt to provide proper care to those suffering from insomnia.  

Everyday users can go through the app to set their sleep preferences ranging from night exercises to a smart alarm and let the headband progress through the cycle.

FDA Classifications

For consumers looking into the Dreem 2 for medical use, it provides all sleep tracking details.  The headband was created to be an alternative to sleep healthcare.  It is also registered as a class 2 by the FDA.

Class 2 devices are classified as a pharmaceutical supplement by the FDA.  According to the FDA, class 2 devices can be used to treat, diagnose, or even cure diseases and disorders.  

In addition to being classified as effective, class 2 devices are recognized as posing a moderate to high risk to the user.  43 percent of medical devices qualify under class 2.

The Dreem 2 is a headband designed for those looking to improve their sleep quality.  The headband uses sounds and measurements to help consumers reach their goal.  Once the night is over, users will then get their night’s results uploaded to their phone.  The Dreem 2 is also verified as a class 2 medical device and is designed to treat insomnia.