Andrei Lucas – Onboard of the climate change movement

Andrei Lucas – Onboard of the climate change movement
Spread the love reported that influencer and musical artist Andrei Lucas shares his thoughts towards his audience on climate change.

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Are influencers genuine about climate change or is it just a way of attracting the right attention?

One of such influencers and popular personalities is Andrei Lucas, who has this summer continued to spread awareness regarding climate change. He is an aspiring and growing music writer and photographer. He is very passionate about climate change and is working strongly towards spreading awareness regarding the same.

For this purpose, Lucas also partnered with Favre Leuba, the Swiss timepiece brand, and the Spanish Institute of Oceanography to spread his message in the form of visuals and messages to attract calls for action.

He shared in an interview, “To me, as a musician, artist or photographer, nature is the place where I find inspiration and witness fires in the Spanish forests while I watch on television the Amazon fire was devastating. We have control over what each person can do to slow down the climate change process.”

Earlier in July, Andrei Lucas released 2 new singles. However, along with promoting his songs, he is planning to spread more awareness regarding the climate change through his platform.

In addition to spreading awareness through his platform, he also shared his experience of nature exploration with Favre Leuba. He visited the desert dunes of Gibraltar tagging National Geographic Spain and talked about these gatekeepers of nature on his social media platforms, which have helped spread awareness regarding climate change and sustainability.

He also plans to continue his collaboration with the Institute of Oceanography, Fuengirola, and shared, “I definitely think we need to keep this momentum and to continue this project over the next year for it to properly overtake.”

Andrei Lucas is an ethical influencer and is working towards promoting his love for nature and spreading awareness for the same. He also plans to showcase the fashion and lifestyle brands in an ethical manner, shedding light on the fact that our choice of food and clothes impact the health of this planet.