DJ XO Collaborates With Z-Ro To Go From Nothing To Something

DJ XO Collaborates With Z-Ro To Go From Nothing To Something
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Houston heavyweight DJ XO has collaborated again with Z-Ro on a track titled “Nothing To Something” off his new project titled Young Legend III. The two have collaborated in the past and they never come up short so it was only right for the latest project, XO made the call.

The track references what they both went through before the glitz and glamour of the rapper lifestyle. XO speaks of his mother throughout the entire song and says how much she means to him. Z-Ro opens up his verse with “I already lost my mama, I can’t even remember my mama” and proceeds to let listeners know that he’s with all the extras when it comes to disrespect. The two contrasted that specific topic and it made you feel it. They both opened up on this record and it gives the listener an emotional connection because I’m sure nobody wants to lose their mother.

Since the two have started to collaborate, they have formed a chemistry that can be felt every time they come together. It’s one that is similar to when you hear Young Thug and Gunna on songs together. That “it” factor is there.

XO is giving us so much to look forward to and if you’re sleeping on him, it’s time you should start paying attention. He’s starting to master his specific sound and it is interesting to see. One can wonder what will come next. You should check him out on all streaming platforms because it is only a matter of time before this Houston native takes off.