Online Yoga Is Easy and Effective Thanks To Glo

Online Yoga Is Easy and Effective Thanks To Glo
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It’s no secret that yoga and meditation have gone from a niche practice to becoming quite mainstream. People are finally gaining an understanding of how setting aside the time each day to meditate or do yoga/Pilates can garner incredible physical and mental benefits. Among a wide variety of benefits is an increased sense of calm, strength and muscle tone, increased flexibility, a feeling of inner peace, and relaxation through meditation. However, many people are unsure how to properly meditate or they become distracted easily. Enter Glo, a platform that gives you 

Do Online Yoga: Do Yoga Anytime

Glo is a revolutionary platform that enables people to do online yoga. Whether you are a beginner or you have been doing yoga for decades, there are classes of varying skill level designed to keep anyone engaged and reaping the benefits. There are even beginner courses that teach the very basics of yoga to anyone who wishes to learn. Glo has a library of thousands and thousands of videos taught by some of the world’s top instructors. There are even videos that teach you the basics of yoga and meditation if you are completely unfamiliar with these practices. 

Whether you only five minutes as you rush from meeting to meeting, or if you are looking to do a full 120-minute session, Glo has a guided video for you that will empower you with the ability to do online yoga. Glo costs just $18 a month and you also have the ability to give a subscription to Glo ask a gift

Glo: Do online yoga With Top Instructors

Glo has a library of 2,000+ videos that consist of classes in yoga, meditation and Pilates. Glo’s classes and the courses put together are taught by Glo’s global network of some of the world’s top instructors in their respective niche. 

Glo Has Yoga Courses Tailored to Specific Goals

Whether you’re a CEO or a mom-to-be seeking to have a smooth pregnancy, there are courses tailored to meet your specific goals. You have the ability to create a unique program specific to the goals you want to accomplish or issues you want to address. You can also choose to follow one of the stellar pre-created courses Glo offers, designed by a top yoga instructor. From strengthening your core to cleansing your chakra, Glo has all the classes you need to enjoy a happier, healthier you. 

Meditation and yoga have truly never been more simple or easier to access no matter where you are! Doing online yoga helps you achieve your goals no matter where you are. Even if you don’t have WiFi you can simply hop on over to your personal library of downloaded classes! If you have a goal for yourself or some aspect of your life, Glo has a plan for you and a series of classes to help you accomplish that plan!

A Peek Into One of Glo’s Classes

As mentioned above, Glo offers more than 2,000 classes that range from beginner level to a highly advanced level. Here examples are some of Glo’s popular Level 1 classes:

• What’s Your Motivation? This Level 1 meditation class is taught by Kathryn Budig and promotes calm while increasing your ability to focus and become more productive. The course empowers you to become motivated and to realize your purpose for that unique day. Kathryn guides you through a reflection to help you understand the reasons behind why you are choosing to meditate as well as how your meditation can be of benefit to yourself and others.

If you want to get a live sneak peek at some of Glo’s Level 1 courses, you can see a preview on the Glo website.