What is a Legal Marijuana Cafe?

What is a Legal Marijuana Cafe?
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West Hollywood, California is proud to be known as one of the first areas to welcome legal marijuana as a socially accepted recreational drug of choice. Not unlike bars and taverns that have long been gathering spots for legal alcohol consumption, marijuana cafes are becoming acceptable. Lowell Cafe is one of the first full-service restaurant that combines great food and drink, organic Cannabis products and CBD oil for a new social experience.

Research Before you Leap

Marijuana cafes are the latest step in bringing back a green America. The misunderstood Cannabis plant was marked as a gateway drug by political opponents and came under attack 82 years ago. Without sufficient analysis or testing, this natural growing plant became known as a poisonous herb that led users to commit crimes. Other countries followed the trend of outlawing marijuana and all advances in discovery as a medical aid and recreational drug were stopped. 

Recently, individuals and companies have been researching the benefits of Cannabis for various illnesses and mental conditions. It is becoming undeniable that organic substances are far better as a treatment option than synthetic drugs that are harmful to internal organs and are short-lived in relief. This public outcry can no longer become ignored and the attitude of marijuana is quickly changing.

Chef Andrea Drummer Advocate

Andrea Drummer was once an advocate against cannabis. A change in location, career and an open mind led her to conduct her own research on the useful benefits of marijuana. She found that different strains, the organic nature and its ability to heal could not be ignored. She is now a national chef that is known for infusing food and drink with the best combination of marijuana strains with incredible recipes. While this final step has yet to be taken at Lowell Cafe, her extreme tasty food fits the mood with social grace.

Legal and Natural Lowell Farms

Lowell Farms has been fighting to provide the best cannabis and Indian Hemp since 1909. Their long established farming techniques have not gone unnoticed by the industry. With their fortitude for delivering high quality products, they were a natural in opening Lowell Cafe, the first cannabis restaurant in America. With Chef Drummer operating the menu, a whole new type of restaurant is trending today.

Step Inside a Marijuana Cafe

The natural appearance of a marijuana cafe is the first feature you will see. Green plants draping down walls and winding throughout the room meet tables and booths. It is not illegal to light up a marijuana smoke on the premises. In fact, Lowell Smokes is a features item. A special air purification system has been installed to filter odors and smoke. Outdoor patios keep with the natural characteristic of the cafe. 

A Leader of the Industry

While a few other countries, such as Jamaica and the Netherlands, have open marijuana smoking concepts, Lowell Cafe is setting an entirely new standard in eateries. Cannabis is no longer considered an illegal and dirty subject. It is emerging as a healthy, green herb with much to offer. Professionals, college students and those in the business community are a few of the customers that are expected to spend social time in a marijuana cafe. Keep your eyes peeled for this new changing atmosphere in America and all over the world.