Best Dermal Fillers of 2019

Best Dermal Fillers of 2019
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At the onset of 2019, it was expected that dermal fillers will be making waves in the cosmetic and plastic surgery arena. And they are! The current year sees how dermal filler treatments have captured the hearts of many individuals who aspire to look and feel even more beautiful. They’re certainly one of the hottest trends and continue to revolutionize the world of cosmetic skincare.

Given the accessibility of these products, non-invasive procedure requirements, and their immediate promising results, it’s no wonder why many patients are attracted to them. If online editing lets you enrich your images using several apps, dermal fillers make it possible for you to enhance your appearance offline.

How dermal fillers work is truly astonishing. They smoothen out the folds and lines on your face, remove your wrinkles, add volume to your sunken cheeks, enhance your facial contour, and plump your thin lips. To top it all, they can make you look younger than your age. If your concern is not your face, there are injectable fillers for the neck or hands to suit your needs. Most brands of dermal fillers are FDA-approved which guarantees their safe usage.

With the presence of abundant choices for beauty products in the market, it’s quite hard to decide nowadays which filler would best work for you. And as expected, more options became available this 2019. 

So which skin rejuvenation products do you think will stand out this year? 

Before going into that, let’s look closely first at the essential characteristics of highly reliable injectable filler.

What makes up the best dermal filler?

How will you know if certain skin filler is the best in the world? The product needs to be performing extremely well on various levels and meet the following requirements:

  • It is durable
  • It is versatile
  • It is capable of making you look natural
  • It has an exceptional quality
  • It is safe to use
  • It has an advanced feature
  • It is patient-friendly
  • It is reasonably priced

This 2019’s Best Dermal Filler Brands

Dermal fillers come in a variety of types and compositions. Some of these have natural ingredients found in our body including collagen, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, and more. Others are made up of synthetic elements produced in the laboratory such as poly-L-lactic and Polymethylmethacrylate.

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are what most aesthetic dermatology experts and cosmetic surgeons highly recommend. It’s because these products are temporary, safer to use, and with very minimal adverse side-effects. That said, it’s most likely that HA fillers will rate high as far as the above-mentioned factors are concerned. It won’t be surprising to see these types of anti-aging injectable becoming this year’s top-selling products.

The dermal filler brands that were expected to dominate the beauty market are a mix of old and new products. Those considered pioneers in the field continue to exist and lead the cosmetic industry for years. On the other hand, some newcomers are seen with huge success potential.  

Now here’s the big question. Will these new arrivals shake up the market and overthrow the present leaders or will they just be runner-ups? It’s for all of us to find out.

So what are these products we’re talking about? They are:

  • Aquashine
  • Dermalax
  • Juvederm
  • Monalisa
  • Rejeunesse
  • Restylane
  • Revolax
  • Zishel

Aquashine: The Most Advanced Filler

Renovil’s Aquashine is considered one of the most innovative soft-tissue fillers you can ever get this 2019. It is set to follow the steps of its predecessor Caregen that has been very successful in various countries across the world. In just a short period, Aquashine was able to make its way up the market and caught the attention of critically-acclaimed cosmetic surgeons and patients alike.

Aquashine is your hyaluronic filler and mesotherapy injectable in one, which makes it certainly not your typical filler product. Aside from free HA, it also contains a special cocktail of peptides, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and coenzymes. With those ingredients, you can expect to get more benefits from this product. Aside from eliminating your wrinkles and fine lines, Aquashine also has the power to restore your skin’s hydro balance, enhance its elasticity, and make it glow naturally. 

Another important thing that makes Aquashine an exceptional filler product offered this 2019 is the groundbreaking biomimetic peptide technology that it has created.

Dermalax: The Natural-Looking Outcome

An essential advantage of dermal fillers over several surgical procedures is the natural-looking results that they promise. That’s what most patients are looking for when trying to avail any skincare product or treatment. This is also the ultimate goal of every esteemed manufacturer of high caliber dermal fillers. 

Dermalax tops that specific category this year. The heavy arsenal in its collection of skin fillers Dermalax Implant Plus is completely non-risky even if you overfill or overcorrect a sunken cheek or thin flips. That’s in addition to its outstanding ability to get rid of nasolabial folds. Its HA gel has an impeccably coherent texture that is responsible for the natural-looking results it creates.

The durability of this most stylish skin filler is primarily due to its Monophasic Blob Structure which is characterized by remarkable consistency and density.

Juvederm: The Smooth Consistency Gel

Juvederm is considered the closest rival of Restylane when it comes to functionality. It’s an excellent cosmetic solution for face rejuvenation with its ability to improve facial contour and restore volume loss. It targets the creases around the mouth and nose for correction while making the marionette lines less visible.

Juvederm’s advantage over Restyle is its outstanding capability in fixing eye bags and removing fine lines and wrinkles on the facial areas with thin skin. This is due to its extremely smooth and elastic texture. Unlike other hyaluronic acid products, Juvederm is a smooth consistency gel. 

Monalisa: The Most Affordable Choice

If you’re looking to get an enhanced appearance without breaking the bank, then Monalisa is the perfect brand for you. It’s the most affordable filler you can purchase this 2019. Because this product is rather inexpensive doesn’t mean it isn’t reliable. Like most other HA filler products, Monalisa is FDA-approved and it’s completely safe to use. 

Monalisa products are made of non-animal ingredients and free from BDDE. While it’s inexpensively priced, the way Monalisa was purified is advanced and has undergone several global quality standards. What’s more interesting about this product is the way its syringe was designed. It’s ergonomically-friendly in the sense that physicians can excellently hold it while letting patients experience a smooth and painless injection.  

Rejeunesse: The Benefit-Packed Filler

Looking for a facial filler that has all the benefits offered by the rest of the well-known dermal fillers? Well, you are lucky because that product now exists and it’s among the top skin rejuvenation solutions available this 2019. Named Rejeunesse, this brand has great potential in competing against the most recognized beauty enhancement products such as Restylane and Juvederm.

Rejeunesse products are of premium quality and durability. They’re made with a High Concentration of Cross-Linking (HCCL) Technology and because of that, the risk of gel migration is significantly reduced. This then provides long-lasting results. Like Monalisa, Rejeunesse is also inexpensive and entails painless injection procedure.   

Restylane: The World’s First Dermal Filler

This product has stood the test of time. It was in the 1990s when this brand was first developed but up to now, it still exists in the market and many individuals continue using it. Benefits wise, Restylane has many similarities with its tight rival Juvederm. 

It works well in correcting facial folds and wrinkles and restoring lost volume. But when it comes to lip enhancement, Restylane is a better option. It’s also more effective in correcting the folds around the nose and cheeks. So far, Restylane has recorded usage in more than 25 million treatments all over the world. 

Revolax: The Most Durable Filler

While most first-class skin fillers last for only 4-6 months, Revolax offers stunning results that can last from 12-18 months. These stellar soft-tissue fillers have a monophasic gel with a low migration rate. It’s because the gel was perfectly tight and highly dense. This means that when the gel is injected into the skin, it stays in its place and does not move. It also has improved viscoelasticity which helps keep the procedure’s attained results for a longer period.

For example, Revolax Fine which focuses on the areas around the eyes has notable durability. This characteristic is not present in other products of this category that target these facial zones. Because of that, patients need to visit their trusted plastic surgeon at least every six months. 

Zishel: The Luxury Brand of Filler

This is top-notch dermal filler given that it’s being sold at a premium. But Zishel is a standout among its fellow premium-range cosmetic products because it fulfills its promises. A versatile product, Zishel promotes first-rate fillers that are injected into the three main layers of the epidermis. This approach allows for the effective removal of all types of wrinkles, from the superficial to medium and up to the severe ones. 

Zishel is made of purified, cross-linked hyaluronic acid whose grain size is specifically tailored to their functions. For example, Zishel fillers applied on thin skin and for correcting lip lines have grains sized 200µm. Those used for contouring and augmentation of the mid-face have a larger grain size of 1,100 µm. This cutting-edge product is perfect for those who are looking for a great self-treat. 

What is the perfect dermal filler for me?

When choosing the filler that is perfect for you, you should do it with the help and guidance of a certified and experienced physician. Initial skin consultation and test are usually done to assess your medical and physical background and eventually determine the type of treatment that would best fit your needs. 

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