Zero The Kidd a young iconic rapper

Zero The Kidd a young iconic rapper
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Zero the Kidd is a rapper from Florida who is quickly turning into an icon he is doing things that most people only dream about. Zero The Kidd has achieved 10 million streams in less than a year’s times an achievement that very few people get to claim.

Although he is in a state where everyone and their mother thinks rapping is for them he has stood out amongst the crowd making a path for greatness. Zero the Kidd used to be a battle rapper every day in lunch he would face off against the local talent and he would become victorious in every single one some fans even went to post him on YouTube and it shows the young artist had heat even before he was making songs.

Fast forward to present day and Zero the Kidd is blowing up and is grinding finding himself on magazines, blogs and radio stations everywhere he and has huge fan base are on a rampage making so much noise that even big celebs are trying to work with him. Ever since he released his latest song Wave he has been on everyone’s playlist from Florida al the way to Germany.

But wave isn’t the only song he has up his sleeves in fact he has, even more, played song called beef though the quality of the song doesn’t as good as his newer material it is still a solid track and a must-listen, in fact, it is so good that the song has over four million plays under its belt and is getting more every day.

Zero the Kidd is a phenomenon he leaves fans wanting more every time you play his music. Most rappers nowadays are generic and have no substance but this is one of the main reasons we call zero the Kidd iconic because he is so out of the norm he brings so much to the table it’s legendary, to be honest, his versatility is something to aw at and his passion is nothing to sneeze at using his very distinct voice ZTK gives you a sound you will never forget by speeding up and slowing down his tempo using different rhyme schemes and sound effects you will have every track on repeat.

When we asked Zero the Kidd who or what allows you to be so iconic and he said “ My team and my fans I have such a devoted and amazing team there my family and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be zero the Kidd so I want to shoutout Roy, Jhonny, Seth, Ej and jay they are amazing. Also, my fans have fueled me and supported me to be the best I can possibly be” he is truly the stuff of legends and we can’t wait to see what he does next.