Cheap Catalog Printing – A Quick Guide

Cheap Catalog Printing – A Quick Guide
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The criteria to note when printing catalogs:

Print colorful catalogs on the front or inside the catalog, or 2-3 colors or just 1 black. To save costs and increase efficiency we advise you to design and print catalogs on the same paper and offset 4-color printing.

Catalog cover with UV coating, Glossy PE, OPP matte to increase the attractiveness and protect catalog more durable and aesthetic.

Is the time factor really important? If you need to print the catalog quickly in a short time, choose a quick catalog product. When printing catalogs quickly, the cost of printing increases, so consider printing a small number of catalogs to save costs.

Paper material for catalog printing

To print catalogs cheap but still quality, the choice of printing paper must be suitable. Currently, the type of printing paper that is widely used in printing catalogs is the couches. This is a type of paper for printing quality products with good gloss, color images are also very good. It has a variety of paper types of couches. Depending on the number of catalogs you can choose the appropriate paper.

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Cheap catalog printing is highly dependent on size

You should choose to print catalogs with common sizes that have available paper sizes such as 32 x 43, 43 x 65, 65 x 86… With such sizes, the printer will have paper sizes availability of which, printing costs are also cheaper. For example, if you print with sizes such as 32 x 43, the printer can use A4 paper to print for you with a catalog of a specific size such as when folded into 21 x 29.7 and when fully opened there will be size 42 x 29.7.

Where to print cheap and quality catalogs?

Choosing a reputable printing place, you can also print cheap and quality catalogs. Especially when you print in large quantities, the price of it will certainly be cheaper to charge each volume. Currently, there are many printing facilities on the market, but in this article, I will introduce you to a printing factory with extremely good printing products that are very cheap and suitable. It will definitely be useful to you. The company that I want to talk about in this article is called Tinh Te Printing Company. This is a company with reputable print quality that you can refer to. With your professionalism and reputation, you will surely be satisfied when coming to the company.


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