All The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

All The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare
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If you are a gamer then All The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will not be a name unfamiliar to you. It is one of the shooter games that enjoys huge fan following around the world. The fourth Modern Warfare game will not have 4 in the title and this is because the game is not a sequel but a reboot. Or you may say that the developer is re-imagining the series of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

This reset of the game, it is hoped to create realistic and relevant events bringing back the familiar characters from the past games in the series. These characters include the Captain John Price. The single player campaign will be there on the top of the multiplayer modes as well as co-op missions.

Continue reading to know what we know about this upcoming reboot game.

Release date of Call of duty: Modern Warfare

It is believed to be released on 25th October, 2019.

How does the game work?The game completely supports the PS4, PC and Xbox one. Just like all the game handling cross play a little different, the same has been true about this game.

First and foremost of all, it is completely opt in-game. If you will enable it, you will need to have linked an account to form a list of platform-agnostic friends. The crossplay is supported in all kinds of multiplayer modes except the competitive and ranked tournaments.

Reported issues with the game during beta phase: Regardless of everything, there have been some issues reported about the game and some of those are as follows.

Some of the players would be pushed under the map. This gives them the advantage of still killing the enemy players yet they remain undetected.

There have been issues with some of the weapons in the game too. For instance, players have been unable to shoot via towers or open rails.

Some of the gamers complained that they were unable to communicate with their console team partners.

It has also been revealed that the game has been stable only on Play Station 4 during the beta phase. PC and Xbox came across crashes. The ward list also had a number of issues such as settings on PC wa not saved. As far as Xbox was concerned cases had been reported of the screen being torn on weapon models and characters of the game.   

Though all these above mentioned bugs have been fixed now; still the players will have their final verdict when the game will be launched in October. The developers have ensured that nothing will go wrong with the release of the date.

Do not create negative feelings or be hopeless with the game. It will for sure bring a wave of new graphics for the gamers in every manner. No doubt the developer has actually made the games drool for the launch of the said game. The time is near when you can have an experience of playing the game in comfortable environment of your home.