6 things you didn’t know about Manoj Padaiyachi

6 things you didn’t know about Manoj Padaiyachi
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Manoj Padaiyachi is one of Top Youth Influencers of India who is driving change with his own unique ways. A polymath, entrepreneur and a social media Influencer, the list of the things he does keeps going.

Do you want to know about the 5 things about this Youth Champion Influencer? Here it goes.

1.       Manoj Padaiyachi won National Level Youth Champion Award by Ivolunteer for his contribution towards India’s Social Development. After receiving the award he shared that if we need change in this Nation, the youths can be driving force of it. He has founded National Organization Wealth Foundation.

2.       Manoj Padaiyachi represents many brands as an ambassador/influencer. He has worked with brands like Truecaller, Nestle, Cadbury, Myntra and to name a few. Looking at his creativity, he is the top choice as Instagram Influencer for many brands. But many people don’t know that Manoj is very selective when choosing the brands he represents, for him the audience comes first.

3.       Manoj Padaiyachi strives to create unique contents with his imaginations on the Instagram Platform with username @imanojmj. He comes up different concepts and spreads a unique message on the platform. His contents always gives a message to the audience. He has created contents like spreading love, positivity and smile through the digital platform.

4.       Manoj Padaiyachi is going to launch his own brand BeLive for the youths of the nation which will inspire the youths towards trying to do things which seemed impossible before. While he has kept what the brand is as a secret till its launch, the concept of the brand goes to live by what one believes in. A lot of people believe in something but they don’t live it. So by the concept the word BeLive comes from the words “Believe” and “Live”. Now, are you going to live what you believe?

5.       Manoj Padaiyachi tries to write blogs on the topics which he feels the Youths need. According to him he wants to bring a change in other lives which has helped him to bring in his own. He reads a lots of books and tries to keep updated with the current situations around him. His website is www.manojpadaiyachi.com

6.       Manoj Padaiyachi is very much conscious when it comes to health, discipline and his work. He believes to focus on the things which matter to him. May it be his friends, work or family.