Stress Management: 6 Ways to Unwind & Feel Calmer

Stress Management: 6 Ways to Unwind & Feel Calmer
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Stress has become more and more of a mainstream and serious problem recently. These days the average human has to face a lot of stress that people a couple of decades ago were unaware of. A little bit of stress is good for humans as it is the natural response of the body to a difficult situation, but these days people stay stressed all the time, and they suffer from chronic stress that is very dangerous. Constant stress can damage the efficiency of our immune system, and it can promote a lot more serious diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and depression. Stress is actively taking years off your life, so, in this article, we will be mentioning some of the best ways to relieve stress and feel calmer.


Meditation is a very effective stress countering technique that allows you to strengthen and calm your mind. You should do some light meditation sessions every morning. You should also look into breathing exercises like yoga and Tai Chi. These breathing exercises are quite effective for instantly countering stress.

Massage therapy

Another super effective way to unwind and relax your mind and body is to get a soothing massage and enjoy an amazing spa day. If your daily routine has you stressed you should consider booking a spa day this weekend. You can get an amazing and relaxing massage that will make you relax and forget all of your problems. You can also enjoy some time in the sauna or hot tub at the spa. These are super effective stress countering, methods that will refresh your mind.

Using cannabis

Cannabis is an amazing drug that has now been legalized for medical use in the majority of the US. Cannabis works like wonder against stress, and you should definitely try it out. If you are using cannabis during the day, make sure that you get a sativa strain that will energize you and keep you active while countering your stress effectively. These days you can also get some amazing cannabis edibles that are designed specifically to relieve stress. Check out this post to learn how to make edibles.

Taking a break

Most of the time, stress is caused because of your busy and hectic schedule. Whether it is your job or your studies causing you stress, you should take a small break once in a while. You should go out and take a quick walk to relax your mind. This will eliminate your stress, and it will allow you to work more productively when you get back.


Exercise is a scientifically proven method to combat stress. A lot of hormones and endorphins, including the pleasure hormone dopamine, are released in our body when we exercise. Dopamine can alter our chemical nervous system and eliminate the stress hormones, giving us a rush of excitement and happiness. Make sure to do light workouts; otherwise, they can have the opposite effect. 

Organizing your life

Another amazing and super effective way to counter your stress is to start organizing your life. Most of the time, stress is caused due to mismanaged time and disorganization. Organizing your life can help you be more productive at your job, or your studies and it can help you avoid stressful situations. 

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