The shooting of the web-series Anishchay Starts at White Palace, Dhamdachha

The shooting of the web-series Anishchay Starts at White Palace, Dhamdachha
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The Web-series Anishchay is a suspense thriller web series that can be found on the video streaming website YouTube. The production of the web series 2 has finally started and the cast can be seen shooting on location, which is the White Palace property in Gujarat. This web-series is assumed to be catering to the thriller loving audience of the country and will be keeping its viewers at the edge of their seats the whole time. The series is supposed to revolve around the chase for money. The audience will be able to see to what extent people go to make money and is supposed to a dark web series with a strong story.

The lead role for this web series is finally out and the names which have come out show how good the web series might be. The casts who will be sharing the screen for this web series are Shahwar Ali Khan working with Khalid Siddiqui and  Zulfi Syed. These talented actors have shown us their capabilities as actors in the past. Shahwar Ali Khan can be seen in the big blockbusters like Om Shanti Om, Action Jackson, Hawas and many regional works as well. His co-cast Khalid Siddiqui has worked in films like Ghajini, Dhol, One Night Stand and many Indian TV serials such as Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha and recently in Mariam Khan – Reporting Live. Zulfi Syed has previously worked in movies such as Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story, Mr. Hot Mr. Kool, and TV Shows like Big Boss. The three will be seen acting with the TV actress and star Sara Khan who we all know from TV shows like Sapna Babul ka… Bidaai, Sasural Simar ka and many more. With a star cast like this, it is safe to say that the audience will have tremendously high expectations from the production. This web series is one we all can surely wait eagerly for. 

With the start of shooting for the web series, it also shows how celebrities of such high stature are walking in the digital content world. This will surely make the production houses invest more in such format shows making the quality and quantity of Web-based shows go higher. Web series like Anishchay show how the production houses have already started taking their steps towards making great content for Web now. Anishchay will surely be a series we will love as it combines great talents such as Shawar Ali Khan, Khalid Siddiqui, Sara Khan and also the great shooting location of White Palace. What the production house comes up with these great ingredients is still a mystery but the audience is surely hoping for the best.

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